Sanaubar character analysis- The Kite Runner

Sanaubar is a minor character in the novel "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. She is the mother of Hassan and Ali and the wife of Ali. She is described as a strong, hardworking woman who takes care of her family and manages the household.

Sanaubar's relationship with her husband Ali is strained, as he is disabled and unable to work. This causes tension between them, as Ali feels emasculated and powerless, while Sanaubar must work hard to support the family. Despite this, she appears to care deeply for Ali and is devoted to her family.

Sanaubar's relationship with her sons Hassan and Amir is not explored in great detail in the novel. However, it is clear that she cares for them and wants what is best for them.

Sanaubar as a mother in the kite Runner:

As a mother, Sanaubar did not prove herself a good mother. Because her relationship with her husband was unstable, she left his son in childhood, and her son suffered a lot.

Sanaubar as a daughter:

In the kite Runner, Sanaubar seems to be a stereotypical daughter who follows her father's instruction to get married to her disabled cousin. However, she was unwilling to, and this unwillingness strains their relationship, and in the last, Sanaubar leaves him. 

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