Umro Ayyar Aor Shahzadi Neelam || Summary in English

Summary of Umro Ayyar and Shahzadi Neelum in English

Umro Ayyar Aor Shahzadi Neelam || Summary in English

Once upon a time, Umro Ayyar went to the jungle on his horse. On mid of the way, his horse stopped and was not moving anymore further. This rare behaviour of his horse made Umro Ayyar frightened. He consistently convinced his horse to move, but it did not. So, he sensed that his horse might sense a sign of danger, so his horse stopped and did not take Umro further to his destiny. Suddenly, Umro Ayyar heard the scream of a girl. Umro Ayyar rushed hurriedly to the side from where the girl's scream came. Then, there he saw a cave. When he peeped inside it, he saw a strange thing. What he saw was a beautiful girl dressed in red with a princess crown, namely “Neelum”, lying on the floor, and a sorcerer with a long white in his hand was standing near her.

The sorcerer continuously insisted that he would keep beating her unless she was ready to marry him. But the girl stubbornly refused his proposal; she said, “I will accept the death, but not your proposal”. Then sorcerer began to beat the girl.

On the other hand, Umro Ayyar was watching the entire scene, whatever happened inside the cave. The cruel behaviour of the magician towards the girl made Umro cross. Then he decided to go inside the cave to save the girl. Suddenly a creature, namely “Bonna”, appeared from Umro’s pannier and asked Umro not to go inside the cave as the magician was so powerful that he could kill Umro with his black magic. Then Umro asked the creature what he should do. The creature told him to wait until the magician left the cave.

After some time, the sorcerer warned the girl and disappeared by saying she had the time to think till morning; if she did not accept to marry him, he would kill her.

After that, once again, the same creature appeared from the pannier of Umro and told Umro that he should disguise himself as the girl and keep the real girl in his pannier. By doing so, Umro should cunningly get the white bone from the magician as his life exists in that white bone, and without the bone, the magician will not be powerful, and then he can kill the cruel magician easily.  

After some time, Umro Ayyar went inside the cave where he told princess Neelum that he had come to save her from the cruel magician, and from his magic, Umro Ayyar put the princess inside the pannier and disguised himself as princess Neelum, then Umro put a magic ring in his finger from which he could shield himself from sorcerer’s magic.

Then, Umro (disguised as Neelum) called the sorcerer three times, and then the cruel sorcerer appeared. He (the sorcerer) asked Umro (disguised as Neelum) why she had called him. Then Umro (disguised as Neelum) tells her that she was agreed to marry him, but before marrying him, she cleverly puts a condition that she wants to take his test of love. The sorcerer decided that he was ready to do whatever the princess asked him to do. The princess asked the sorcerer to give his white bone to her. This demand of the princess made the sorcerer astonished and doubtful about why she was asking for his white bone. But the princess trickily told him that she would keep his white bone safely. When the sorcerer gave his bone to the princess, he (disguised as Neelum) hit the bone on his head, and the cruel sorcerer died.

In the last, Umro Ayyar came back to his real identity, and then the princess thanked him and asked him if he would take her to her country, and then she would give him a huge amount of gold coins. This offer by the princess made Umro Ayyar happy and took the princess to her country. 

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