Plato's major charges against poetry

Poetics, written by Aristotle in that book, tells about poetry from a scientific view. In poetics, Aristotle and Plato argue about poetry.  In today's article, we will discuss Plato's major charges against poetry in detail.  So here are the charges which Plato charged against poetry.

Plato's major charges against poetry


 ➤ Corrupts men's moral

Emotions should be balanced.

 ➤ Sometimes poets disrespect god

➤ Poetry has a command on youth

➤ Go against Divine


 it is the first charge Plato discusses in poetics. According to him, poetry is merely an imitation of something.  he says that poets just copy it and put the things in their poetry, so there's no uniqueness in poetry; rather, it is a mere imitation

Corrupt men's morals:

 According to this charge, Plato says that sometimes poetry corrupts men's morals because poets compose poetries according to their perception and imagination, which usually use things that negatively impact the human mind.

 Poetry has a command on youth:

According to this charge, Plato says poetry has power over humans, especially youth. Youth are easily encouraged and motivated, so whatever is present in poetry is usually followed because it provides aesthetic pleasure.  For this reason,  Plato says poetry significantly impacts our youth so that it can lead them to either a positive or negative side.

Emotions should be balanced:

 According to this charge, Plato says,  in poetry, there should be a balancing of emotions because the excessiveness of anything is not good. Sometimes poets become over-emotional and compose poetry full of emotions that may harm the human psyche.

Go Against Divine:

 GO Against Divine is another charge leveled by Plato against poetry; according to him that through poetry, sometimes the poet disrespects god, which is an unacceptable characteristic. As an example, he gave an example of "Paradise Lost"; he says that we can see that the poet has disrespected the god there.

There were the major charges that Plato inculpated against the poetry

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