Most repeated MCQS in Job tests

There are various renowned job recruiting services in Pakistan. Like SPSC, FPSC, NTS, PTS, and Sukkur IBA. In today's article, we are going to discuss the following topics:

➤ Most Repeated MCQs in FPSC

➤ Most Repeated MCQs in NTS

➤ MOST Repeated MCQs in PTS

➤ Most Repeated MCQs in Sukkur IBA

We will share 50+ important MCQs repeatedly in various job tests and commissions. These MCQs are expected to occur again in upcoming FPSC, SPSC, IBA, or PTS job tests. You can get them in PDF as well.

Most Repeated MCQs:

1. The Melting point of Ice is 0 centigrade. Choose the correct part.

a. Noun b. Adjective c. Verb d. Adverb

2. Angels Fall is in ____

a. USA b. France c. Venezuela d. China

3. The chief constituent of Plaster of Paris is ___.

a. gypsum b. Graphite c. Sand d. Zinc

4. We study ___ in Histology.

A. Fossils b. Tissues c. Hormones d. History

5. ___ is famously known as "Thousands of lakes."

a. Iceland b. Ireland c. Maldives d. Finland

6. Pakistan open its first embassy in ____ country.

a. China b Iran c. India d. Iraq

7. The layer of the atmosphere where planes often fly is ___

a. Stratsophere b. Lithosphere c. Biosphere d. Mesosphere

8. "Natural Fertilizer" has _____ as another name.

a. Inorganic fertilizer b. Organic Fertilizer c. Chemical Fertilizer d. All of these.

9. Which of the following countries is not a Baltic?

a. Romanina b. Latvia c. Estonia d. Lithuania

10. Kuram and Gomal Rivers are in ___ province of Pakistan.

a. KPK b. Sindh c. Balochistan d. Punjab

11. The Dayton Peace Agreement was between:

a. Ethiopia and Eriteria b. Bosnia & Herzegovina c. Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland d. Nigeria & Boko

12. Prime Meridian and the Equator intersect at ___:

a. Gabon b. Gulf of Aden c. Ghana d. Gulf of Guinea.

13. Value of "Food" is measured in:

a. Joule b. Proteins c. Calories d. Vitamins

14. QUAD comprises ___ countries.

a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

15. D-8 is ____ countries.

a. European b. African c. Asian d. Developed

16. ____ connects Malakand with Mardan.

a. Khunjrab Pass b. Dargai Pass c. Gomal Pass d. Baroghil Pass

17. Which country to host the conference of female foreign ministers?

a. Australia b. South Africa c. Canada d. Brazil

18. Bile juice is produced in ____

a. Liver b. Kidney c. Lungs d. Heart

19. Excessive bleeding caused due to the deficiency of ____ vitamin.

a. A b. C c. K d. B

20. What is the antonym of “BRUSQUE”

a. Rude b. abrupt c. Corrupt d. Courteous

21. Anthracite is the ___ stage of coal formation.

a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd d. 4th

22. Between the Indian State Gujarat and Sindh, ___ lake is located

a. Shakoor lake b. Hadero lake c. Drigh Lake d. Rush lake

23. Bauxite is the main ore of ____

a. Iron b. Aluminium c. Copper d. Steel.

24. Trachoma is the disease concerned with __?

a. Eyes b. Bones c. Kidneys d. Respiratory organs

25. I have engaged him to act as my _____


26. Sana is the smartest ____ girls.

a. Among others b. all of other c. of all d. of

27. The Child __ when it is hungry

a. Only cries b. Cries only c. Cries alone d. Alone cries

28. Choose the opposite meaning of "PALACATE"

a. Irritate b. Pacify c. Join d. Restrict

29. FATA became part of KPK on ____.

a. 29th May 2018 b. 25th May 2019 c. c. 31st May 2018 d. 25th May 2018

30. ___ is the Largest district of Pakistan.

a. Chagai b. Khuzdar c. Awaran d. Karachi

31. _____ is the oldest Holy book?

a. The Torait b. The Zuboor c. The Injeel d. The Quran

32. ___ planets have a ring.

a. 4 b. 5 c. 2 d. 6

33. "Higher than Hope" is ____ biography.

a. Yasser Arfat b. Liaquat Ali khan c. Mother Teresa d. Neslon Mandela

34. ____ is the first Finance minister of Pakistan.

a. Chaudary Muhammad Ali b. Ghulam Muhammad c. Iskander Mirza d. Muhammad Zafarullah

35. ____ is the planet that rotates in a clockwise direction.

a.  Venus b. Mars c. Earth d. Jupiter

36. National Anthem of Pakistan has ____ lines:

a. 16 b. 18 c. 15 d. 25

37. "Munda Mohmad Dam" is proposed to build on ___ river.

a. Kabul b. Swat c. Gomal d. Neelum

38. Kurds are the ethnic groups of ___:

a. Iran b. Iraq c. Turkey d. Syria

39. Waterloo is now part of ____

a. UK b. Belgium c. Denmark d. Newzealand

40. The average weight of the Human Heart is ­­­­__:

a. 200g b. 250g c. 300g d. 350g

41. The Hardest substance in our body is ____:

a. Enamel b. Femur c. Stapes d. clavicle 

42. ____ country has the oldest national anthem:

a. Philippines b. Japan c. Netherlands d. USA

43. ___ gas was used for the first time in World War I

a. Chlorine b. Hydrogen c. Helium d. Nitrogen

44. Which of the Mughal emperors banned the use of Tobacco?

a. Shahjahan b. Babur c. Jahangir d. Aurganzeb

45. ___ was the president of the USA during world war I

a. Calvin Coolidge b. James Buchanan c. Woodrow Wilson d. Theodore Roosevelt

46. The Chashma Nuclear plant was built with the assistance of:

a. Germany b. China c. France d. Canada

47. Sodium Iodide is used to make ____:

a. Plastic b. Electric Bulb c. Artificial rain d. glass

48. Arab Spring is a movement that starts from ___:

a. Tunis b. Saudi Arabia c. Sudan d. Egypt

49. Choose the opposite of "METTLE."

a. cowardly b. Pluck c. Courage d. Nerve

50. The first battle that was truly global was:

a. World War I b. World War II c. Seven Years' war d. Thirty-year war.


So, we have discussed the most repeated MCQs of the job test. 

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