Interesting and Quick Facts about Bhutan

Bhutan is a nation in Asia with a flourishing ancient Buddhist culture that has been almost isolated from the outside world for many years. Dzongkha is declared the national language of Bhutan, which is primarily a Buddhist country. In today’s article, we will talk about Interesting and Quick Facts about Bhutan that you never know.  

Interesting and Quick Facts about Bhutan
Interesting and Quick Facts about Bhutan
It is the only country which is Carbon Negative.
It absorbs Carbon dioxide more than its production.
Bhutan is the only Asian country that absorbs more than seven million tonnes of carbon dioxide and produces only two million.
It works on National Gross Happiness
Do you know that 75% area of Bhutan is covered by Forests
It gives preference to Nature. Therefore wild animals roam freely in Bhutan
Bhutan is the only country chiefly producing electricity from water, not other combustive resources.
It provides free electricity to farmers.
Bhutan has the record for planting 0.108 million trees were planted on the birth of Prince
It planted 49.6K planted trees in just one hour and set the record in Guinness World Record
It is the only Country that gives huge subsidies on electrical products and appliances

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