Top reasons google does not approve your site in 2023?

Everyone wants to approve their sites with Google AdSense, but because of these reasons, Google does not approve your site. This article will discuss the top reasons Google does not approve your site in 2023. We will also discuss how you can sort out those reasons and get instant approval for your site in 2023.

Top reasons google does not approve your site in 2023?

What are the reasons I am not getting Google AdSense approval in 2023?

Before getting approval for your site from Google Adsense, you need to follow some rules. Here are some basic rules which you need to follow

1.  You must select a specific niche:

Yes, before approval, You must select a specific niche for your site because it is the first thing that Google wants to see in your sign on which niche you are working. For instance,  if your site is related to an educational website, so you need to write articles related to your website.

2. One language: 

If you can write an article in more than one language, you have to follow this rule before getting AdSense approval. You need to work on only one language, which Google approves. If you are writing in multiple languages so you will not get AdSense approval at any cost. Yes, it seems a bit astonishing, but it is a fact. So, make sure that if you are writing any articles, they should be in only one language. But later on, you can use more than one language once you get AdSense approval.

3. Important Pages:

To get AdSense approval for some pages, you have to create some for your website. If you are not creating those pages, do forget to get approval from Google AdSense.  So we are going to discuss what are those pages you have to create for your site.

1. Privacy policy

2. Contact us

3. About us

4. Disclaimer (optional)

 These are the essential pages for getting AdSense approval, so if you are not getting these pages, you will not get AdSense approval at any cost. 

How many articles should I write to get AdSense approval in 2023?

 From other sources, you get to know that for AdSense approval, you need to write only ten articles of 1000+ words, but according to my experience, you should write at least 100+ articles for your site.  Yes, it is true that you should at least write a hundred plus articles for your site because through this, Google will understand your sincerity towards your site, and we'll give you instant approval.  However, in those hundred articles and you can decrease the number of words in your article too.


Robots.txt is another vital factor for AdSense approval because, through robot.txt, you let Google bots land on your pages. Without robot.txt, Google will not know about your site, so if Google does not know your site so there will be no AdSense approval, so make sure you should be created robots.txt for your site.

Can I write articles in more than one language to get Adsense Approval in 2023?

Do you have a query about whether I can get Google's approval by writing articles in more than one language in 2023? The answer is no; before AdSense approval, you cannot write articles in more than two languages. it is a must that you should use only one language before AdSense approval.  But you can use more than one language after getting approval, so keep this thing in your mind before its approval, only write articles in one language; otherwise, you will get rejected by Google for Adsense approval.

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