Metaphors: Definition and examples

A Metaphor is a figure of speech widely used in English literature. In Metaphor, we usually compare things or persons without using like or as. Metaphor is generally used to add flavour and emphasize the point you are talking about. It allows poets to reveal their creativity in the inner world and show that creativity in their writing and speeches.  In today's article, we will learn about metaphors; in the last, we will share 20 examples.

Metaphors: Definition and examples

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 In English literature, Metaphor allows us to build new connections and add meaning. The audience can gain a better understanding of ideas by using Metaphors.  It also manifests that something is a symbol of something else.

Where can Metaphors be used?

 Metaphors are used to introduce the audience to a new reality. We usually see Metaphors in Literature, music, and in our daily life.

Why are Metaphors used in songs?

Metaphors are used in a song in order to show hidden meanings behind the lyrics. 

20 Examples of Metaphors.

Life is a monopoly you cannot understand.

Tina's father was on fire.

Larib is a chicken.

My girlfriend has lightened up my life.

Naveen has the heart of a lion.

The room of the house was an old dinosaur.

Life is full of twists and turns.

He has a rock heart.

 I am the sunshine of my mother.

My sister's voice is so angelic.

Rohan is a shining star in our family.

At that time, his temper was a volcano.

After treatment, her teeth became glittering diamonds.

A baby is a teddy bear.

The stadium is a white blanket.

Maria's love is blind to her boyfriend.

Saleem is a giraffe in our family.

 Azeem is a walking dictionary.

 This kind man has a heart of gold.

John's room was a zoo.

Nadeem was a horse in the race.

He is an owl.

My father is an early bird.

How to create examples of  Metaphors:

There are simple ways to create examples of metaphors. The steps for creating your examples of metaphors are as follows.

1. Choose an object or character.

2. Choose a scenario that fits your object or character.

3. Now, make a metaphor by adding your personal touch.

So, these are the steps by which you can create your examples of metaphors.



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