QUAD: Formation, Significance, Members

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is the formal name for the QUAD, it was formed in 2007, but its official dialogues took place in 2017 in the Philippines. It is a group of four countries. i.e., India, USA, Australia, and Japan.

Reasons behind the formation of QUAD:

Since Japan’s prime minister was the first who laid the foundation of QUAD, ensuring a “Free and Open Indo-pacific” means preventing any military or political influence on the important sea routes in the Indo-Pacific.

 Why did Australia withdraw QUAD?

The simple reason behind that Australia experienced pressure from the Chinese government and the rising tensions between the US and China in the Asia-Pacific area.

The benefit of India being a member of QUAD:

The benefit of India being a QUAD member is that it can enlist the assistance of the other Quad states to confront the communist country if the Chinese border conflict escalates.

India can conduct strategic research in the Indo-Pacific area using its naval force.


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