Pets and wild animals || Short Essay

Many people enjoy having animals as pets, but it is generally not preferred to keep wild animals as pets because they are dangerous. In contrast, there may be some similarities and differences between pets and wild animals and differences. This essay will explore the similarities and differences between these two types of animals.

Pets and wild animals || Short Essay

One significant difference between wild animals and pets is the reason for their capture. Wild animals are often captured for economic and recreational purposes, such as hunting or producing luxury goods made from their skins. On the other hand, pets are typically captured to be kept as companions for humans and to provide them with comfort and enjoyment. These different motivations for capturing wild animals and pets reflect the broader differences between the two.

In terms of environment, Pets and Wild animals live in completely different environments, as wild animals prefer to live in jungles and rainy environments. If they are kept in zoos, they are provided with such surroundings, or their lives are in danger.

 On the other hand, pets live in homes and apartments with their owner, or sometimes they leave home but come back after a couple of days.

Pet and Wild animals are similar in terms of spreading disease among humans. When it comes to wild animals, the issue of poaching is severe and results in interaction with wild species, which can expose people to different diseases. However, pets are much more likely to spread illness since they live closely with people. These diseases consist of tapeworms, brucellosis and rabies.

Thus, we can conclude that Pets and Wild animals differ in terms of atmosphere, reasons and inhabitants. Wild animals have been captured in zoos for economic reasons. By doing this, we are putting their lives in danger. So, it is a must that we should let wild animals live in their suitable inhabitancy.


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