50+ Sentences: Simple Past Tense

In English Grammar, Past simple tense is a type of tense that shows us actions that occurred in a specific past. Moreover, it also talks about habits that no longer a person does. Today, we will talk about 50+ sentences of simple past tense.

Affirmative structure of simple past tense:

Subject+ verb (2nd Form)+ Object.

Negative structure of  Simple past Tense:

Subject+ did+ not+ verb(1st Form)+ Object.

Interrogative structure of Simple Past Tense:

Did+ Subject+ verb (1st Form)+ Object?

Interrogative Negative structure of Simple Past Tense:

Did+ Subject+ not+ verb (1st Form)+ Object?

50+ Sentences: Simple Past Tense

50+ Sentences of Simple Past Tense
1. Aahan ate a burger in lunch.
2. Akil And Parth played cricket last week.
3. Ishani's teacher told us moral stories.
4. Zain read this news in a newspaper.
5. Mishal's father travelled to Skardu last year.
6. My sister saw a black snake under the couch.
7. Rinka learnt the German language before going to Germany.
8. Daniyal did not go to the swimming class because he was not feeling well.
9. A die fan met with his favourite footballer.
10. Did Raheel memorize poems?
11. Why did Kiran not come to his birthday party?
12. Mandeep did his work honestly.
13. Sarang worked in this company for ten years.
14. Shankar's mother sent me a gift.
15. Akash prepared a science project.
16. My cousin, Neeraj, studied the course Fashion Designing.
17. Sarang's uncle helped us in making the presentation.
18. Nadeem carefully kept the box on the shelf.
19. Who fixed this car?
20. He missed his exam yesterday because he got there late.
21. Which novel did you read last weekend?
22. Junaid spoke confidently in front of the Jury.
23. I wanted to make a YouTube Channel.
24. Why did your brother not join this institute?
25. Mr Saleem visited an ancient museum.
26. Saima did not attend my call last night.
27. I installed new windows on my computer.
28. Ameer's father planted many trees.
29. Did you inform Zainab about the exams?
31. Sir Narander assigned us an assignment for this semester.
32. Raheem arranged a seminar on Global Warming.
33. Irfan wrote an article in a Newspaper.
34. Mr Adnan opened his account in a bank.
35. Murtaza grandly celebrated his birthday.
36. Kashif clicked our photos.
Time to Dance
37. Why did Zohaib call you?
38. His sister prepared a list of food items.
39. Amina bought a new house in Lahore last year.
40. Mrs Janvi came late last night.
41. Priya finished all her exercises before her brother.
42. Charles bought a ring for his girlfriend.
43. Maria cut her finger while cutting vegetables.
44. They met him 11 years ago.
45. She brought her brother to school.
46. Mary did a lot of shopping for her brother's wedding.
47. Nabeel suggested me an interesting book last month.
48. A large crowd gathered when the accident happened.
49. Amelia's parents did not allow her to picnic.
50. Did Salma take pictures?
51. George enjoyed the new year party with his friends.
52. John paid his utility bills before the deadline.
53. With Whom Jameel went on the holidays?
54. Shahmeer cleaned his room last weekend.
55. Did Ahmed and Naeem have dinner last night?

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