50+ Sentences: Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense is a tense that talks about those actions or activities when speaking. In simple words, present continuous tenses manifest ongoing actions. Today, we are going to talk about 50+ sentences of present continuous tense.

50+ Present Continuous Tense sentences
1. John is eating fruit.
2. Jameel And Nasir are playing football.
3. My teacher is teaching me mathematics.
4. Sofia is reading a book.
5. John's father is listening to music.
6. My sister is going to the post office
7. Sana is learning to cook.
8. Suresh is going to swimming classes.
9. Fans are shouting cheerfully for their favourite actor.
10. They are printing your novel.
11. Why is John not playing basketball?
Time to Dance
Raat Akeli Hai
12. Many workers are protesting for their wages.
13. This year company is making a use profit.
14. Today my friend's mother is coming home.
15. Sofia is not preparing for her exams.
16. My cousin is studying genetics.
17. My uncle is helping poor.
18. My father is driving carefully due to the traffic.
19. My brother is trying to fix the machine.
20. Be quick!! The train is coming.
21. What is Mr Ahmed reading?
22. Suresh is finding the keys.
23. Mariya's mother is cooking a delicious dish today.
24. My sister is learning Microsoft Office.
25. Mr Kamal is completing his assignment.
26. We are not doing anything right now.
27. They are eating mustard leaves.
28. I am helping my brother in completing his homework.
29. Are you having lunch right now?
30. She is walking on the lawn along with her dog.
31. Alex is continuously making noise in the class.
32. Is that bus going to Lahore?
33. My sister's not cooking dinner in the kitchen now.
34. The bird is making a nest.
35. Sonia is making an iced cake for me.
36. My mother is praying for me.
37. Why are you not talking to Ahmed?
38. Her father is flying to Italy next week.
39. Nadiya is exercising in the park.
40. I am going to dinner with my friends after work.
41. Players are playing very well to win the world cup.
42. Charles is sleeping right now.
43. Maria is not doing her work properly.
44. She is writing a narrative essay right now.
45. They are asking me about my bad habits.
46. Kaif is singing a birthday song.
47. Is he not completing the assignment?
48. The secretary of the society is solving the problems.
49. My mom and dad are playing chess.
50. Is Sidra playing badminton?
51. Mehwish is running fast.
52. John's words are making me sad.
53. Nowadays, people are using WhatsApp to call their loved ones.

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