50+ sentences: Past Continuous tense

The past continuous tense is to talk about things that were happening at a certain point in the past. Moreover, it is used to express the duration of an action or situation that was happening at a particular time in the past.

50+ sentences: Past Continuous tense

Structure of Past continuous tense:

The past tense of the auxiliary verb "to be" (was/were) is used to construct the past continuous tense along with the present participle (-ing form) of the main verb.

50+ Sentences of Past Continuous Tense:

  1. Nimra was walking to the post office when I saw a dog chasing a cat.
  2. Sana was cooking dinner when the phone rang.
  3. They were having a picnic in the park when it started to rain.
  4. He was studying for his exams when his roommate turned on loud music.
  5. Narander was waiting for the bus when he realized forgot his wallet at home.
  6. She was doing her homework when she realized she had made a mistake.
  7. They were playing soccer when one of the players got injured.
  8. He was fixing his car when he noticed a strange noise coming from the engine.
  9. I was reading a book when I fell asleep.
  10. Amber was writing a letter to her friend when she ran out of ink.
  11. They were singing karaoke when the power went out.
  12. He was taking a shower when the water suddenly turned cold.
  13. I was driving to work when I got stuck in traffic.
  14. She was talking on the phone when the battery died.
  15. They were having a BBQ when the neighbours called the police about the noise.
  16. He was watching TV when the cable went out.
  17. I was running on the treadmill when I tripped and fell.
  18. She was feeding the ducks at the pond when she saw a snake.
  19. They were playing video games when the internet connection went down.
  20. He was mowing the lawn when he hit a rock and broke the blade.
  21. I was washing the dishes when I dropped a plate, which shattered.
  22. She was ironing her clothes when she burned a hole in her shirt.
  23. They were painting the bedroom when they ran out of paint.
  24. He was gardening when he found a worm in the soil.
  25. I was taking a nap when the dog started barking loudly.
  26. She was knitting a scarf when she realized she had made a mistake in the pattern.
  27. They were cooking a pot roast when they realized they had forgotten to buy carrots.
  28. He was studying for a certification exam when he realized he had left his study materials at the office.
  29. I was cleaning the garage when I found an old box of childhood memories.
  30. She was grocery shopping when she remembered she had left the stove at home.
  31. They were hiking in the mountains when they got lost.
  32. He was setting up his new computer when he realized he was missing a necessary component.
  33. I was practising the piano when my fingers started to cramp up.
  34. She was taking a bath when the water started to get cold.
  35. They were planning their vacation when they realized they couldn't afford it.
  36. He was mending a hole in his jeans when the needle broke.
  37. Reema was cooking Maggi when the water boiled over.
  38. She was playing with her children when one of them fell and skinned their knees.
  39. They were decorating the Christmas tree when they realized they were missing a string of lights.
  40. Mr Tahir was working on his car when he realized he needed a unique tool.
  41. I was doing my makeup when I realized I was out of mascara.
  42. Naina was organizing her closet when she found a pair of shoes.
  43. They were having a picnic when a bee flew into the sandwich.
  44. He was painting the living room when he got paint on the carpet.
  45. Talha was making a sandwich when he did not have bread.
  46. He was running late for his flight when he realized he had not brought his file.
  47. Sameer was trying to fix the leaky faucet when the wrench slipped
  48. Priya was preparing a presentation for work when she left her laptop charger at the office.
  49. They were playing a board game when one of the pieces got lost under the couch.
  50. She was playing with Manveer when her mother called her.

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