50+ Sentences: Present Simple Tense

Present simple tense is a tense that shows us habitual and routine action. Moreover, it talks about activities that happen every day, once a week, once a month, etc. Today, we will talk about 50+ sentences of present simple tense.

50+ Sentence: Present Simple Tense
50+ Present Simple Tense
1. John eats an egg for breakfast.
2. Jameel And Nasir play football every evening.
3. Marvi's teacher teaches mathematics.
4. Sofia fondly reads storybooks.
5. Janvi's father listens to Jazz music.
6. My sister sees the dentist every month.
7. Rinka learns to cook.
8. Chandar goes to swimming classes every day.
9. Fans shout in joy when they see Shahrukh Khan.
10. Does he write poems?
11. Why does John not play Volleyball?
12. Workers do their work honestly.
13. This company makes a good profit every year.
14. Sana's mother visits us every week.
15. Rafay prepares for CSS Exams.
16. My cousin studies the course of Medical Science.
17. Hyder's uncle helps poor
18. Father carefully drives a car.
19. My sister fixes this sewing machine.
20. That bus does not come on time.
21. Which book do you read every Sunday?
22. Sameer finds the solution to this problem.
23. Naina's mother cooks a delicious chicken dish for us.
24. My brother wants to learn Microsoft Office
25. Mr Ahmed usually completes his assignment
26. She does not do the sums correctly
27. I fondly eat mustard leaves for lunch.
28. She always assists her brother in completing his project.
29. Do you have Rania's mobile number?
30. Nadeem waters plant every morning.
31. Alex always feels happy when he receives a gift.
32. Does Raheem call you?
33. Naima's sister does not cook.
34. Birds fly around the tree.
35. Priya makes an iced cake on her sister's birthday.
36. Kashif goes to the gym every day.
37. Why does Ahmed talk too much?
38. His sister makes the bed.
39. Nadiya brushes her teeth twice a day.
40. I go for dinner with friends every Sunday.
41. Players play good cricket in every match.
42. Charles sings songs at parties.i
43. Maria does not wash her car properly.
44. She always wears a blue dress.
45. They love to watch adventure movies.
46. Kaif hates to eat mangoes.
47. Does Nabeel have children?
48. The secretary informs his boss about the meeting.
49. Rohan's mom and dad love him very much.
49. Rohan's mom and dad love him very much.
50. Does Sidra love to take pictures?
51. Mehwish enjoys travelling
52. John talks fast.
53. Do you sleep in the afternoon?/td>
54. Saleem does not read loudly
55. Does Mukesh like Spaghetti?

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