50+ Adjectives sentences || English Grammar

In English Grammar, an Adjective is a word that tells a noun's quality or quantity. In today's article, we will share with you 50+ adjectives sentences. In each sentence, there will be one adjective.

How to find out an adjective in a sentence:

In a sentence, if there is a word before a noun. That will be considered the adjective of a sentence. You can see the adjectives in the following sentences.

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50+ adjectives sentences:

1. She is kind to her students.

2. This is a perfect example of work.

3. Whose pen is this?

4. Your work is rough.

5. His Father has a charming personality.

6. The Food was not tasty.

7. They need help to afford a big house.

8. They arrange an enormous party for her farewell.

9. All students were present in the class.

10. It seems nice party.

11. They have information about each person.

12. Which kind of food are you waiting for?

13. She came to the party in a beautiful dress.

14. It was an adventurous trip.

15. He has cruel behaviour with her servants.

16. I am bored with your conversation.

17. The day was bright.

18. The class made irritating sounds.

19. Eid is such a joyful occasion.

20. They behave in a nasty way.

21. She is the angriest person in our class.

22. Prices are cheaper in this shop than that of the previous one.

23. It was the worst decision.

24. Their service is faster than your service.

25. Which knife is the sharpest?

26. She is an honest girl.

27. My friend gave me the most beautiful dress.

28. Her cat has a shorter tail than that of my cat.

29. Her demands are likely to rise rapidly.

30. A couple of days before, I visited a historical museum.

31. I was hopeless.

32. That view was peaceful.

33. She is afraid of you wild animals.

34. No doubt, she looks beautiful.

35. My phone is on that table.

36. Her friend is so annoying.

37. I hope your future will be bright.

38. There was a huge ground.

39. The Young man told her about her work.

40. She likes her western look.

41. It was a weird day.

42. My teacher is finicky about vocabulary.

43. It was an awful situation for me.

44. She is an imaginative girl.

45. He is still immature.

46. The boy was hilarious.

47. She requested an honourable teacher.

48. The movie was horrible.

49. Today's weather is hot.

50. He drew a perfect circle.

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