The Kite Runner: Amir is a loyal or disloyal friend

Amir has a major role throughout Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Throughout the story, he is shown as a son, son-in-law, brother, father, and friend.

The Kite Runner: Amir is a loyal or disloyal friend

Half of the book's story keeps rolling around both characters, Amir and Hassan. At the story's beginning, Amir and Hassan are shown as friends who live together in the same house. Amir and Hassan always used to be with each other all the time. Amir told him stories when he experienced problems, and Hassan was always there for him. But readers cannot distinguish whether loyalty and truthfulness exist in Amir's friendships. So, today, we will talk about The Kite Runner; Amir is a loyal or disloyal friend in the book.

Amir is a loyal or disloyal friend:

At the beginning of the story, Amir is disloyal to Hassan. In certain places, Amir did not take a stand for Hassan where he should; from there, Amir's disloyalty to Hassan proved to be true. However, Hassan used to be with Amir all the time. Whenever he faced any trouble, only Hassan was with him to help him out. Once upon a time, when Assef tried to duel with Amir, Hassan prevented him from fighting Amir with his slingshot. Hassan used to play with Amir, but he left him alone when Amir found any other fellow to play with him.

Another example of Amir's disloyalty is in Chapter 7 of the book. It was the annual kite festival when Assef wanted to take revenge on Hassan for the slingshot. When Hassan went to catch the last kite of the tournament, Assef and his fellows grabbed him and humiliated him. At that time, Amir silently watched the entire scene; he helplessly did nothing for Hassan and ran away from there. Rather than comforting, Amir's behaviour completely changes Hassan after that incident. He does not talk and play with him anymore; instead, he wants Hassan to leave his house.

Since that incident, Amir has begun to search for reasons to expel Hassan from his house. After facing failures, he falsely accused Hassan of stealing his belongings. However, Hassan did not do anything (p. 104).

Amir as a loyal friend in The Kite Runner:

Guilt and repentance are the factors that make Amir loyal to his friend, Hassan. However, this loyalty was not directly seen by his friend, but whatever he did, it was for Hassan.

Amir got a phone call from Baba's friend, Rahim Khan, and asked him to come to Pakistan (p. 190). There he was told that Hassan's son, Sohrab, was in a miserable condition, and Amir had to save him and bring him back safely. Amir thought it was his only chance to prove himself a faithful friend. By saving Hassan's son, he can pay off what he could not do for Hassan (p. 277).

Therefore, Amir put his life in danger and went to Afghanistan to save Hassan's son, Sohrab. He courageously fought for Sohrab, successfully uncaged him from the trap, and brought him to the United States of America. 

So, here, we thoroughly discussed Amir as a loyal or disloyal friend in The Kite Runner with examples.


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