The infinitive: uses and worksheet

The infinitive is a vital topic in English Grammar. Today we will talk about the infinitive with examples, and last, we will provide you with a worksheet to practice it on to improve yourself. In this article, we will cover the following topics of the infinitive.



 Ten examples

 Rephrasing into the passive

• Worksheet


An infinitive is a verb form that can also be recognized as a "To be" verb. It is often followed by "to." There are multiple reasons why we use the infinitive in sentences.

Reasons to use the infinitives in sentences:

The infinitive verb is used for various reasons. We will share ten different reasons why we use infinitives in a sentence.

For the subject of a verb

For the object of a transitive verb

For the complement of a verb

For qualifying a verb

For qualifying an adjective

For qualifying a noun

For qualifying a sentence.

Structure of the infinitive in a sentence:

Correct structure makes a sentence meaningful and understandable. It is a must for us to follow the proper structure of the infinitive verb in a sentence. Below is the structure. We need to follow it.

Subject+ verb+ the infinitive verb + object.

Nadeem is fit to play the basket.


Ten examples of the infinitive:

We are sharing with you ten examples of the infinitive verb. Let's take a look at them.


• Reena is anxious to share the news.

• Tahir desires to watch the movie.

• Tina went to Egypt to visit the historical sites.

• John is very slow to eat.

• Can Ayan hope to get good grades?

• The organization is keen to help the poor.

• Saira is allowed to speak on this topic.

• The protesters refused to accept the demands.

• Faheem was happy to do the job of teaching.

• Shivam loves to play with his cousin, Priya.

Rephrasing of the infinitive into the passive:

Like other tenses, the infinitive has rules to convert them into a passive voice. We will learn the rephrasing the infinitive into passive. Let's take some examples:

The rule for rephrasing the infinitive into passive:

Object+ modal verb+ to be+ verb 3rd form+ by+ Subject.

Marvi needs to update the phone. (Active)

The phone needs to be updated by Marvi. (Passive)

 Narander has to finish the project. (Active)

The project has to be finished by Narander. (Passive)

Worksheet on the infinitive:

We'll give you a worksheet on the infinitive, as we said we would. This worksheet will help you figure out what you need to work on yourself. You can try it out and learn a lot more about it. A word bank will be included in the worksheet. Read the sentence and select the word that best suits the sentence. 

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