Short Summary of The Kite Runner

Short Summary of The Kite Runner

"The Kite Runner" story is set in Afghanistan, where two young boys, Amir and Hassan, live together. Amir was a Pashtun, while Hassan belonged to an ethnic group called Hazara. Despite being Hassan, a servant's son, they were good friends and used to play games and other activities with each other, and for this reason, Assef was jealous of Amir and his father. Once upon a time, it was a kite-running festival usually held almost every year in Afghanistan. Amir participated in that festival, too, to make his father proud. When Amir cut the last kite in the sky, Hassan began to run to catch that kite when he was coming back home; Assef and his friends were there to take revenge on Hassan as Hassan once upon a time damaged Assef's eye with his slingshot. After passing a long time, when Hassan did not come with the kite, Amir went to find him, where he saw an unfortunate incident. He saw Assef's friends holding Hassan very tightly, and Assef was asking Hassan to give him the kite, but Hassan was continuously refusing him, and at that time, Amir was unable to do anything for his friend Hassan. After many refusals, Assef and his friends raped Hassan while Amir ran away from the spot. Since that time, Amir has been guilty of not doing anything for his brother-like friend. Since then, Amir has stopped playing with and talking to him and does not want to see him in his house anymore. So, one day, Amir asked Baba to keep new servants in place of Hassan and Ali, but Baba refused Amir's suggestion as Baba had a great attachment to Ali and Hassan.

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After that, Amir chose another way to expel Hassan and his father from the house. When Hassan and his father were not in their room. Amir hid some of his belongings under Hassan's pillow and pretended that someone had stolen his things. Then Amir accused Hassan. Ali asked Baba to search his room, but Baba was firm that both Hassan and Ali were loyal, and they could not do such an act, though Baba Ali and Hassan were like family members to him. But Amir consistently urges Baba to search their room, and finally, all belongings are found in the room of Ali and Hassan. However, Baba was still firm that Ali and Hassan could 28 not do this, then Hassan's father, Ali, decided to leave the house, but Amir's father did not want them to leave his home as he loved both of them a lot, and in this way, they both left the house and separated from each other. Then the Russian Army rushed to Afghanistan, and after the Russian invasion, Amir moved to the U.S. along with his father. On the other hand, Hazara remained in Afghanistan.

Amir spent his remaining life in the USA, where he completed his graduation, became a writer, and was about to publish his very first book. In the USA, Amir met Soraya, the daughter of General Taheri, who runs a shop in the flea market. Amir fell in love with her at first sight, and therefore he used to find a reason to talk with her, and one day, General Taheri caught him and warned him. But, Amir's Baba fixed his marriage to Soraya when he learned that Amir was in love with Soraya, and it was Baba's wish to see Amir get married as he was counting the last days of his life due to blood cancer.

On the other hand, Soraya wanted to share something with Amir before getting married, and she revealed her tragic past. Once upon a time, she ran away with a man and faced smearing even from her father. But despite it, Amir neglected all such things and accepted Soraya in shape as his wife. Moreover, Soraya also reminds Amir of Hassan as she had the same harelips as Hassan. Amir proved himself as a good husband as he always supports her at every stage and never feels her down, and this is why Soraya considers Amir a different man from others. Amir was the only man who stood against her as he let her pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

When Soraya wanted to adopt a child due to infertility, everyone was against her decision. Only Amir welcomed her decision. One day, Amir got a call from Pakistan; Rahim Khan asked Amir to come to Pakistan as he had something very important to share with him. Then, Amir went to Pakistan, where he learned that Hassan was his half-brother as his father had a relationship with Ali's mother. Moreover, he also told him about the hardships of Taliban faced in the Hazara community. Hassan and his family were also brutally killed by the Taliban. Then Rahim told him that Hassan had a son, Sohrab, whose life was in danger as after killing Hassan and his wife, Sohrab was in an orphanage in Kabul and taken away by the Talib. He wanted Amir to go to Kabul to save the precious life of the innocent boy, as Sohrab's life was in danger. Then Amir went there despite the risk, but He believed that it was the one and only chance to pay off the favours done to Hassan with him. Moreover, it was also the time to show his dare, which he could not do during the kite festival when Assef raped Hassan and his friends on the kite festival day. Amir went to that orphanage in Kabul, but Sohrab was not there as the Taliban took him away, and then he went to the Taliban, who was Assef. Amir saw Sohrab tied to the chain and kept it like an animal. Then Assef told Amir that he would not leave Sohrab as he was Hazara and had to take revenge for his father's slingshot. Still, Amir had duelled with Assef and saved an innocent life by putting his life at risk, and then he was in the hospital for several days. After recovery, he travelled back to the USA, along with Sohrab, and in this way, he brought Sohrab to the USA.

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