Past indefinite tense|| Easy worksheet, structure rule & use

 What is the use of Past Indefinite tense?

The past indefinite tense describes actions or activities that occurred in the past at a specific time. We usually talk about those actions which we did in the past. Let’s have a look at the below examples:


Yesterday, Mishal completed her work.

When did Hina call Sara?

What is the Structural rule of Past indefinite?

In Past indefinite, we use the second form of the verb. We are sharing the chart of the Past indefinite’s structure.

Past indefinite tense|| Easy worksheet, structure rule & use


Manisha saw her old friend in the market. (“Saw” is the second form of “see”

But in negative or interrogative sentences, past indefinite is transformed into the first verb form. It happens because we use “did” in negative and interrogative sentences of past indefinite.

Manisha did not see her old friend in the market. (Negative)

Did Manisha see her old friend in the market? (Interrogative)

Five examples of the past indefinite tense:

Here are the five examples of past indefinite tense. You can see to learn more about the past indefinite tense.

Nasir used a computer.

Manish did not tell us where he was yesterday.

Did you write the answer correctly?

Laxmi forgot his lunch box.

Yesterday, our team did not play the match well.

Worksheet of Past indefinite tense for practice:

1. Why ____ you not ____ Maniya yesterday? (Reply)

2. Students _______ at the party. (Dance)

3. Sameer _____ the mail to the boss. (Send)

4. ____ Fariya ____ the burger? (Eat)

5. Sana _____, her friend on Facebook. (Mention)

6. _____ Rohan ____ the punishment? (Get)

7. Veena ____ with her sister. (Fight)

8. Lara ____not____ the bicycle. (Ride)

9. She _____ a status on WhatsApp. (Update)

10. ____ Salar _____ the mistake? (Make)

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