First Conditional: 20 examples and worksheet

20+ examples of the First Conditional Sentences
Samara will get angry, if you do not return her copy.
I will visit more places, if I get enough holidays.
Dhani will stay in Mumbai, if she gets this job.
If Saira gets money, she will help the needy
If Laxi gets good grades, she will celebrate.
If I get enough time, I will use WhatsApp.
Saima will be unhappy if she does not get good marks.
How do you feel if you get this scholarship?
What will Mukesh do, if he wins the lottery?
If Shaheen meets her, he will give her a book.
If I receive salary, I will buy a new mobile phone.
If Narander gets a chance, he will give a lecture at this university.
If Lucky's mother goes to the market, she will buy a Kinder Joy for him.
If he gets money, he will get his bike repaired.
Will you meet with the Queen, if you get an opportunity?
He will make many mistakes, if you do not pay attention to him.
Sameer will finish the task, if he works late at night.
Nadia will not talk to Nasir, if he does not apologize to her.
I will make a burger for you if you stay for a long time.
Mona will join the academy, if she prepares for the job.
Papa will not talk to you, if you keep doing these activities.

Exercise on First Conditional Sentence:

1. If Farah (go) there, she (meet) Mani.

2. If you (cut) this way, you (hurt) yourself.

3. If Roshan (play), he (catch) cold.

4. If India (win), we (arrange) a grand party.

5. Rohan (use) the internet if he (face) difficulty.

6. Sonu (change) the bulb, if he (get) a ladder.

7. If our cousin (come), we (go) to the cinema to watch a horror movie.

8. If guest (come), we (serve) cooldrink to them.

9. What (do) Danish if (not/get) good grades?                 

10. Nimra (become) sick, if she (not/take) medicine on time.

worksheet on first conditional sentence

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