Essay on the Water crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects, Economic impact

Essay on the Water crisis in Pakistan: Causes, Effects,  Economic impact

Water is an essential natural resource for our survival. The perseverance of water is a responsibility for everyone because we cannot imagine our existence on this planet without water. If we mainly talk about Pakistan. Pakistan is the most water-stressed country in the world. The water crisis, not only in Pakistan but across the globe, is becoming a severe problem. Today’s essay is about the water crisis in Pakistan. The essay has the following sections.

 The water crisis in Pakistan

 Causes of the water crisis in Pakistan

  Effects of the water crisis in Pakistan

  The Economic impact due to the water crisis in Pakistan

The water crisis in Pakistan:

PCRWR (The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources) has issued an alert that if the concerned authorities do not take instant steps for perseverance, Pakistan may face severe water shortage problems by 2025. Pakistan already crossed the “water scarcity” line in 2005, and since then, the problem of water is turning to serve day by day. There are multiple reasons why water is becoming a critical issue for Pakistan.

Causes of the water crisis in Pakistan:

1. Since Pakistan has reduced its role in conserving water in the country for the last couple of years. Apart from that, it has not constructed any dams since the 1960s.

2. Pakistan has per capita annual water availability is 1017 cubic meters, but it has decreased to 1000 cubic meters and is still dangerously decreasing year after year.

3. Farming through a canal system is another reason for the water crisis in Pakistan. According to a report, farming through this system is underpriced in Pakistan. Moreover, the recovery from this farming is merely one-quarter of its maintenance cost annually. Not only that, water for agriculture is not subject to taxation, and an almost large portion of available surface water is utilized for agriculture. Therefore, the country experiences a water shortage.

4. Urbanization is another primary reason behind the water crisis.

People think urbanization, inadequate water management, and less involvement by people with power have worsened the problem.

Effects of the Water crisis in Pakistan:

When any country faces a crisis, social problems like civil conflict may also arise. Moreover, a crisis may also push a country towards economic depression. Similarly, in Pakistan, the following social issues are boosting up:

1. lack of access to water

2. diseases

3. the suffering from malnutrition

4. poverty

5. shortage of electricity.

The masses of Pakistan is highly facing the aforementioned social issues.

The Economic Impact due to the water crisis in Pakistan:

The water crisis in Pakistan harshly impacts its economy too. Pakistan is among those countries that generate power from water. Presently, Pakistan is suffering from a power shortage. It is believed that a power shortage means fewer exports and more imports, and Pakistan undergoes this situation, creating a severe setback for the country economically.

The water crisis is a huge problem in Pakistan, and due to a lack of interest, it is becoming more critical every passing day. Therefore, the concerned authorities must devise strict plans and actions to handle the situation. Mutual understanding, negotiation and seriousness can solve the issue of the water crisis in Pakistan. 

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