At and in: difference, use, worksheet

Both At and in both are prepositions that are used in writing. At and in both seem similar prepositions. In today's article, we will learn the difference between at and in and their several uses, and in the last section, we will give you a practice worksheet on at and in.

At and in: difference, use, worksheet

Use of "AT" and "IN":

We often use "in" when we indicate a location with a vast range or that is spread over an extensive range. For instance, Rohan's father was born in Mumbai. Now "Mumbai" is an extensive range of locations; therefore, we used "IN" for Mumbai.

Unlike "at", "at" indicates a location that is not spread over a vast range. For instance, Seema was at her office when I called her. Since the office does not have a vast range like a city, we use "at" instead of "in". Remember, "AT" and "IN" have many other uses. Let's discuss them.

Use of "IN" for time:

"IN" is also used to indicate an unspecific range of time. If you want to show an unspecified length of time, then there we will use "in". For instance, Diya will come back in 10 minutes. (Here, 10 minutes is an unspecific range of time because she can take more or less time). For this reason, we used "in" in the sentence.

Use of "AT" for time:

Unlike "IN", "AT" is used to indicate the exact timing of something. In other words, we use "at" when we want to show a specific time of the occurrence of an event. For instance, Mam Lobo will take the test at 9 o'clock (Here, 9 o'clock indicates the exact timing of the happening of the test).

In office vs at office, which one is correct?

Both can be used "in the office" and "at the office", but they are slightly different. Furthermore, many people have their own tricks and rules for using "in" or "at" offices. 

According to some sources, we use "AT office" for the following reasons.

1. When we do not stay for a long time.

2. We are not at the exact place where we should be.

In contrast, "IN office" is used when:

1. We stay for a long time somewhere.

2. Work there.

For instance, Philip was at the office. (In this sentence, you can take Philips as not being at the exact place of his office, he may be with someone else in his office). Therefore, we used "at the office."

For example, Philip was in his office when I went there. (In this sentence, you can get the idea that when I went there, Philip was in his office's chamber or room). Therefore, we use "IN the office", not "AT the office". However, there is the possibility that there may be other differences between the "IN" and "AT" offices.  

Practice worksheet on at and in:

1. Sonia will call Anum (in/at) 15 minutes.

2. Tina's father stayed for 3 days (in/at) Delhi.

3. When Naima went to her brother. He was (in/at) his room.

4. Yesterday, my father arrived (in/at) 7 o'clock.

5. The bell may sound (in/at) 15 minutes.

6. The antique things are put (in/at) a glass box.

7. Amna's father is planning to live (in/at) France.

8. Naina's birth is (in/at) August.

9. Nimra usually goes for a walk (in/at) 6 o'clock.

10. Today, many people (in/at) the park. 

At and in worksheet for kids

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