Twenty minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb: Short summary, sketches of character

Twenty minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb: Short summary, sketches of character

It is written by Frank Auther. The story began when Mrs. Oakentubb arrived at the railway station. It had been a stormy evening. so that she could keep herself warm. She was going to catch a train in twenty minutes that would take her to Stainthorpe, where she grew up.

As she stretches her hands toward the fire and takes off her gloves, a man enters   He was also taking the same train as Mrs. Oakentubb to get to Stainthorpe.

As the porter walked away, Mrs. Oakentubb and the man began to talk to each other. The man tells Mrs. Oakentubb that he is going to Stainthorpe to meet a woman named Mrs. Oakentubb.

He says that I had seen a photograph of her in the newspaper but was still unable to determine how she appeared. He says he is going to talk to her about something very important. The man blames her for killing his daughter and his wife in a car accident during the conversation.

After this, Mrs. Oakentubb hid the label on the suitcase on which her name was written and argued that it was an accident in her justification, and even the police considered it a murder-by-accident, and still, she completed her imprisonment of 18 months. So, she is no more liable for punishment or any sort of revenge.

Once upon a time, Mrs. Oakentubb had attended a cocktail party and was driving extremely quickly to win a £5 bet. Unfortunately, Mrs. Oakentubb ran the car over two innocent pedestrians who were the man's daughter and wife.

However, in reply to her justification, the man said that he was not content with the punishment she received. Besides killing his wife and kid, he wanted to punish her for the way she had ruined his life and get revenge on her. So he takes out his handgun and prepares to shoot her.

Mrs. Oakentubb, however, manages to trick the man by making him think that he would do her a favor if he killed her. She had been suffering emotionally since she killed her family in an accident. The bodies of his wife and daughter are not letting her sleep comfortably. That awful moment of tragedy will haunt her forever, which is an intolerable pain, and the accident will always be a part of her memory for the rest of her life. Then she implores him and pleads with him to forgive her, but he plunges her, making her fall to the ground, and she bursts into tears.

Finally, the man believes that living with guilt would be the worst punishment. Therefore, he did not kill her and left the waiting room at the railway station. Mrs. Oakentubb began to dance and mock him as soon as he left the room, claiming that she had successfully made him a fool.

The door opens all of a sudden, and the man comes in to get his bag. He becomes angry at what he sees and then pulls out his handgun and shoots her. In this way, the man took revenge on his daughter and wife.

Analysis of the characters of twenty minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb:

In this section, we will briefly analyze all the characters in Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb.

A Sketch of Mrs. Oakentubb:

In the beginning, Mrs. Oakentubb seems to be a respectable woman. But actually, she was a cunning and heartless woman who, once upon a time, killed a lady and her daughter in a car accident for the sake of winning a bet of only 5 euros. She also lied in court by declaring that it was foul play and reducing her punishment in the shape of 18 months of imprisonment. But after completing her punishment, she had no remorse, even though she tried to trick the man who lost his family in the accident. And this attitude of Mrs. Oakentubb led her to her death.

A Sketch of the Man:

The name of the man was not declared in the entire drama, yet he was one of the major characters in the drama. He was the man who lost his wife as well as a daughter in an unfortunate car accident, which was caused by Mrs. Oakentubb.  He was going to Strainthrope to get revenge for his family. When he came to know that the destroyer of his little family had gotten imprisonment for only 18 months, which according to him, was not enough. Besides all that, he was kind-hearted and naΓ―ve. Therefore, he became an easy target for Mrs. Oakentubb when she made him a fool.

A Sketch of the Porter:

The Porter was a minor character in this drama. But in his short appearance, he was shown as a loving, loyal, and simple-natured person who looks after passengers and serves them. He took Mrs. Oakentubb and the man to the waiting room to rest before the train arrived. In other words, we can say that it was Porter who let the man with whom he wanted to meet, i.e., Mrs. Oakentubb.



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