Essay 500 words: Essay on doctor for class 8

Every student will know what a doctor is. At some point in their lives, they may have visited a doctor due to being sick or having severely hurt themselves while playing outside, or having met with an accident. Most kids would have adored their doctors because their doctors are friendly, humorous, and experienced in dealing with children. 

Essay of 500 words on doctor for class 10

A doctor is someone who helps people who are sick. It is one of the most respectable jobs because it serves to save someone's life. To be a doctor, we have to go to a medical college or university and successfully qualify for the entrance tests. Since the beginning of time, there have been numerous different types of people who treat illnesses.

A doctor is divided into two distinct groups, i.e., a physician and a surgeon. A doctor is an individual who treats sick people and provides them with prescription medication. He uses medicine to help people who are sick. A person who does surgical procedures is called a surgeon. Surgery is when a doctor does something to the body of a person. There are various fields in medical science, and this is the reason doctors are known for their specialization. Almost every other doctor studies a different part of the body; someone is called a cardiologist, a physician, a gynecologist, and so on. In the same way, a doctor who treats tooth problems is known as a dentist. To be a dentist, we need to enroll ourselves in BDS.

Science has come a long way in recent years, and doctors can now save people from very deadly viruses. Now, doctors can treat diseases that were impossible to treat in the past.

 A tool called a stethoscope that a doctor usually wears around his neck and a white coat, known as an apron, is part of the standard uniform for doctors, and these both give us the identity of a doctor. The best doctors treat their patients with kindness and compassion.

A doctor is very important in our lives because if we get sick, we go to the doctor first for treatment, as treatment is not possible without a doctor. It is a doctor who gives the patient a new life. Therefore, he or she is called the second form of God on this planet.

The health of a person is very important. If someone has problems with their body or mind, they should go to the doctor first. The difficulties that might arise within the body are well understood by only doctors. So, people see the doctor as a crucial component of society. People also call the doctor the savior of all people. For this reason, the doctor and his profession are always respected.







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