Essay for class 10: How do industries pollute the environment

The industry is considered to be the most important player in the economy of a country. For developed countries, industries act as a backbone. For instance, if the backbone of human breaks, then the entire body loses its movement. Similarly, if there were no industry in a country, then the country would lose its movement. But these industries are also a threat to our environment. Have you ever thought that how industries pollute the environment? And what are their solutions to overcome it? In this essay, we will cover up. 

• How water pollution is caused by industries.
• How Soil pollution is caused by industries.
• How air pollution is caused by industries.
• How Global Warming Occurred due to Industries.
• How the extinction of wild animals occurred due to industries.
Industrial Pollution: Pollute and degrade the environment

Different kinds of pollution caused by industries:

Industries are not the cause of any specific pollution, rather all types of pollution are associated with it, and the environment of our planet is threatened by it. We will discuss one by one the aforementioned pollutions that occur largely due to industries.

Water pollution is caused by industries:

We are not unfamiliar with the common fact that there is excessive water usage for running an industry when it goes through a variety of processes. In this way, water directly interacts with heavy metals, harmful toxins, radioactive waste, and even organic effluent.

Water pollution is caused by industries:

This contaminated water is thrown away into the oceans and rivers. As a consequence, a large amount of industrial effluent is present in many of our water sources. The same tainted water is consumed by humans and plants. As a result, it negatively affects the health of our environment as well as our health.

Soil pollution is caused by industries.

Soil is also extensively polluted indirectly due to industries. This waste material is carelessly poured into drinkable water, which makes the fertile lands hard to farm. Moreover, water, full of chemicals, also kills healthy plants and crops. 

Soil pollution is caused by industries.

Along with plants and crops, it also causes long-term health complications for those people, especially farmers who work with this kind of soil every day.

Air pollution caused by industries:
Air pollution caused by industries:

Industries are causing the air to be polluted as well. Hazardous smoke from industries has given birth to many chronic diseases. The opening of many industries has put the health of humans as well as the environment at stake.

Global warming occurred in industries.

Global warming is also genuinely linked with industries. The upsurge of industries become the cause of global warming. As industries largely emit harmful fumes and other greenhouse gases into the air, and as a result, our blue planet suffers from worse global warming.

Extinction of wild animals occurred by Industries:

Wildlife is a precious asset for our environment, but industries are problematic for them too. The pollutants from industries are destabilizing our nature. Natural disasters: forest fires, floods, and soil erosion affect wildlife creatures, and in this way, we are losing valuable assets to wildlife in the form of their extinction.

Extinction of wild animals occurred by Industries:


We can say that industries indisputably assist the economy, but at the same time, we cannot deny from this that industries are devastating our environment by letting out their poisonous waste. This waste then amalgamates with water, air, and land, and makes the planet even more unfavorable to live on. Therefore, everyone must realize how industries degrade the environment, and keeping in view this, major steps should be taken by industries to overcome pollution. Moreover, environmental protection organizations also play a crucial role in preventing the environment from industrial pollution. Earth is the only planet where life exists, and sustaining its health should be our priority-based responsibility. So, we all have to be on a serious note about controlling pollution, or else living creatures will be trapped in chronic health complications. For living a healthy life, we must adopt the following solutions to control pollution by industries.

Solutions to control pollution by industries:

• Utilize new technologies.

• Deal with industrial waste properly.

• Proper selection of sites for industries.

• Plantation as much as possible.

By adopting the aforementioned solutions, we can be able to control the pollution caused by industries.  


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