Difference: Along with and with

In English, “along with” and “with” both confuse people about when and how to use them in a sentence. In this article, we differentiate between the use of "along with" and "with." After reading this article, you will get to know when to use "along with" and when to use "with."

In English, we use "along with" or "with" to express that someone or something was accompanied by another.


Ritu went to the market along with her mother.

Ritu went to the market with her mother.

Can we use "along with" instead of "with"?

According to the English grammar rules, "with" can be a substitution for "along with." However, "along with" cannot be replaced with "with." This is because "with" has numerous other roles in English grammar. While "along with" has limited usage.

How do you know when to use "along with"?

In most sentences, "along with" is used when someone, i.e., a person, is physically included. We can say that "along with" refers to the company, or, in addition to a person. But in rare cases, "along with" can be used with objects too, but "along with" can be replaced by "with". Have a look:


Nasir saw Manveer along with his father.

I, along with my cousins, went to watch a movie.

Manvi’s father is a poet, along with a teacher.

These above examples of "along with" are used with a person.

Other functions of “with”:

In certain instances, “with” is unlike “along with”. As “with” indicates ownership as well as tools or instruments which are used to accomplish something. Let’s take the following instances:


Baldev writes a letter with ink. (tool )

This new car with heavy-duty tires met with an accident. (ownership)

So, now it would be clear to you when to use "with" and when to use "along with" in a sentence.

With and along with exercises for practice: 

Here is the exercise of “with” and “along with”  for practice. By doing this exercise you can brush up further in using with and along with.

The bank manager (along with/with) other staff went to an important meeting.

This new SUV car comes (along with/with)  advanced features.

Bindhu you can come (along with/with) your friends to the party.

On my birthday I got gifts (along with/with) a surprise birthday party.

Alia used shampoo (along with/with)  conditioner.

I got a free book (along with/with)  this dictionary.

Joe, take an umbrella (along with/with)  raincoat.

Sana beautifully cuts vegetables (along with/with) a knife. 

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