Bike: Queries, Electric bike and KGF bike

Bike: Queries, Electric bike and KGF bike

For boys, a bike is one of the closest things to their hearts. Boys’ passion for bikes is the same as girls' love of pink. Furthermore, the reason why men are so fond of bikes is that bikes elevate their personalities to the utmost. In today’s article we will discuss the following questions related to bikes:

• What is ABS in the bike and its importance?

• Do electric bikes have gears?

• Which bike is used in the KGF?

• How often should you service a bike?

• Is a license required for an electric bike?

 How many kilometers should a bike's engine oil be changed after?

What are the methods for maximizing bike mileage?

What is ABS in a bike?

We have heard about ABS in cars, but nowadays, to ensure safety, bikes also come with the ABS brake system. ABS in bikes keeps the wheels from locking up when brakes are applied. When the roads are wet or slippery in the rainy season, ABS prevents your bike from slipping, and in this way, it decreases the risk of accidents.

Do electric bikes have gears?

Electric bikes work on power, and they have an electric motor, not an engine. Therefore, they do not have any gear. The speed of an electric bike is completely controlled by the throttle, so it does not have any gears. But nowadays, hybrid bikes have been introduced which have an electric as well as a petrol engine. On those hybrid bikes, we can see gears in them.

Is a license required for an electric bike?

Currently, a license is not required for an electric bike. According to a CMV rule, if you own an electric bike that consumes less than 250W, then a license is not required for it. However, it may become compulsory in the future. But right now, it is only mandatory to wear a helmet.

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Which bike is used in the KGF movie?

KGF 1 and 2 both gained popularity in India and became India's most successful films. In both movies, a bike ridden by the hero (Rocky) has got much attention too. So, the bike name which was used in KGF was the Royal Enfield Himalayan. However, it was altered in some way before being used in the movie, but we have told you the full name of the bike used in KGF.

bike name which was used in KGF

How often should you service a bike?

The timely service of bikes is one of the important things that you need to do to avoid costly repairs. We must ensure that our bikes are perfect for smoother rides. For this reason, you need to change the oil on your bike once a month. But it can be twice a month if the mileage of your bike is greater. In the same way, once a month, the bike should be tuned up as well.

How many kilometers should the bike's engine oil be changed?

Your bike always depends on oil to function. Oil not only prevents rust and wear but also defends the engine against heat and friction. After 200 to 300 km, you should change the oil of your bike. However, this rough estimate of km can vary according to the efficiency and running of the engines.  

Why does a bike use more petrol:

If your bike does not give much mileage, then we are going to tell you how to increase the mileage of a bike. But before that, here are the following reasons why your bike does not give you much mileage and consumes more petrol.

Not timely tuning up:

If you do not tune up your bike when you should, then you might not get the mileage you want. When we tune up our bike at the right time, it runs better and gives the desired mileage.

low-quality use of air filters:

We can get less mileage out of a bike if we don't use a good air filter.

Because air filters let clean and pure air in for better combustion, which makes the engine run more efficiently and smoothly. So, using a low-quality air filter means poor performance from the bikes.

Lots of smoke given off by your bike:

Our bike emits a lot of smoke because of a problem with the piston rings, due to which engine oil becomes dry and lowers the performance of the bike.

low-quality engine oil.

 Since a good quality of engine oil matters for our bike. Engine oil keeps our bike’s engine cool and prevents it from overheating, and if we do not use quality engine oil, we may experience a poor performance from our bike.      

Methods for maximizing bike mileage:

You may be thinking about how to increase the mileage of your bike. So, here are the things you must do to enhance the performance and mileage of your bike.

1. timely tuning up the bike.

2. Use a good-quality air filter.

3. Use a good quality engine oil of 20W-40.

How to convert a petrol bike to an electric bike:

We can easily convert a petrol bike to an electric bike. In the info graph, you can see the things which are required for converting a petrol bike to an electric bike.  

How to convert a petrol bike to an electric bike:

So, here are some important questions that a bike enthusiast usually looks for. If you want to ask any other questions related to the bike, comment below.

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