Doctor's Profession: 5 lines and sentences on doctor

The true meaning of a doctor is to cure a person who suffers from a minor to severe sickness or disease. It is one of the noblest and most respectable professions. Some people even give the rank of the divine to this profession. A doctor is the only person who can determine and diagnose what is wrong with your body and then prescribe medications to help you overcome your illness. Today’s article is also related to the profession of a doctor. We will discuss 5 lines on a doctor.

5 lines on doctor

5 lines on a doctor:

Doctors treat a person by keeping aside the patient's religion, creed, and caste as their biggest and main motive is to serve humanity and save the life of the patient. Most people believe that, after God, doctors are their only hope. Doctors not only help with treatment, but they also provide us with useful methods and suggestions for staying healthy and strong. Moreover, they always engage themselves in finding a cure for incurable diseases.

There are different doctors we usually find in the fields of medical science like we have: cardiologists, surgeons, dermatologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, orthopedics, and so on. They all treat different patients related to their fields and diagonse their health problems accordingly.

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5 lines on the life of a doctor:

A doctor’s life is quite different from ours. He usually goes to the hospital or clinics in the early hours, but in an emergency, they can even perform their responsibilities late at night too. They work restlessly for long hours. Being a doctor is not really an easy job as he always remains alert and even forgets his sleep for the sake of his patients. As for him, saving a patient's life is everything to him. For a doctor, time does not matter whether it is day or night; he stands with his patients and tries his best to comfort and help them.

5 lines about why we should choose the profession of a doctor:

Being a doctor is one of the best professions. By being a doctor, you can serve humanity, and it is one of the most satisfying feelings and blessings to save the life of a living creature. As you are familiar with this quote: "To save a human is to save humankind." Therefore, it is very significant to choose this profession. Moreover, you can also become a veterinary doctor and save the lives of animals. For a veterinary doctor, you have to complete the 12th standard as you cannot become a veterinary doctor after the 10th.

 5 sentences on a doctor:

1. Rinka’s father is a doctor.

2. Sarah is not feeling well. She should see a doctor.

3. The injured person during a car accident drew his last breath before the arrival of the doctor.

4. My cousin is a doctor in Ireland.

5. Doctors tell us how to use medicines. 

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