WhatsApp: How to send google form as a message

WhatsApp is a worldwide app that is used by everyone of every age. It is widely used for chatting, exchanging messages, files, and much more. In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can send a google form on whatsapp in an easy way.

How to send google form on whatsapp:

Since google form is one of the products of google it is extensively used for different purposes. On google form, people make quizzes, and questionnaires related to surveys or research. But sometimes, it is challenging to share google form on whatsapp

WhatsApp: How to send google form as a message

There are various steps that we will tell you, and you can easily create the google form on whatsapp, which will be accessible on whatsapp.

Steps to share google form on whatsapp.

We are going to tell you some steps to share the google form on whatsapp. Just follow the following steps as given below.

1. First, go to a google form.

2. Make a quiz, a questionnaire, or a survey form for sharing on Whatsapp.

3. After that, there will be a button to send.

4. After clicking that, just copy the link and paste it to whom you want to send the document.

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What is the best way to share google form on whatsapp with your colleagues?

For official purposes, google form plays a major role in the agenda of a meeting, asking questions related to office matters, and updating and maintaining the record of the office. The most effective way to share Google Forms with your office whatsapp groups The following benefits will be there if you share google form on a whatsapp group:

1. Saving time.

2. Everyone can see the google form.

3. You get feedback instantly.

How sending a google form on whatsapp can be helpful for a business:

Google form can also help you to enhance your business by sharing google form on whatsapp for a business. There are innumerable benefits if you share a google form on whatsapp for your business.

1. Sharing a google form on Whatsapp for business will allow you to collect feedback from your customers.

2. You will know the gaps in your product which you can improve it.

3. You will also get to know where the demand for your product is.

4. You can also enhance the marketing of your product by getting continuous feedback from customers. In this way, you can achieve the trust of customers, and your customers undoubtedly recommend your product to others.

How sharing a google form on whatsapp can be worthwhile for a teacher:

Google form is productive for teachers too. A teacher is usually assigned several tasks, which is a kind of burden on him. But he can easily prepare result sheets of students or quizzes in the google form and share on them whatsapp. In this way, a teacher will be less burdened as well as students who will get their results instantly. Moreover, sharing google form quizzes and results on whatsapp will remain as a record, and a teacher will access it with ease.

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