Proper noun: Definition and 20 examples of proper nouns

A proper noun is one of the types of nouns. It is a definite naming word. In proper nouns, we use a specific name for a person, place, or object. In today’s article, we will learn about proper nouns in detail and provide you with 20 examples of proper nouns. In this way, you will properly learn proper nouns.

Proper noun: definition and 20 examples of proper nouns

20 examples of proper nouns:

In a proper noun sentence, we always use specific names, and in this section, we will write 20 examples of proper nouns. There will be at least 20 sentences, and each sentence will contain one or more proper nouns.

1.    The most obedient pupil is John.

2.    I will send you an e-book on WhatsApp.

3.    Ria is a famous TikToker.

4.    My friend has brought an HP laptop.

5.    I acquired an MBA from the University of Melbourne.

6.    My kitten, Mano, loves to play with me.

7.    Let’s go to the house of Mr. Bell.

8.    Mr. Nisar has been teaching history at this college since 1998.

9.    He is going with Sarah on a date.

10. This book I got from the Library of Congress.

11. Askari Park is the most beautiful and biggest park in this city.

12. He takes his dog, Charlie, for a walk every morning.

13.  My uncle will come from Emirate Airlines.

14.  My cousin got a Hungarian Scholarship.

15. Vrat Kholi hit three sixes in an over.

16.  All the matches for T20 will be played in Australia.

17.  Ms. Rinka is the class teacher for this class.

18. A massive flood hit many parts of Pakistan.

19. She usually reads books by Sarah Naveed.

20. The baby loves Oreo biscuits.

Proper noun: definition and 20 examples of proper nouns

20 examples of proper nouns for people:

This section contains 20 examples of proper nouns for people. We shall provide 20 sentences that will contain proper nouns for a person.

1.    Madhia is my best friend.

2.    Naveen is the topper of this class.

3.    Siraj studies English grammar.

4.    Kelvin is weak at mathematics.

5.    Ayushika loves dancing and painting.

6.    Mr. Wilson is to go to the UK for a meeting.

7.    Hannah is in my neighborhood.

8.    Meldon is an English teacher.

9.    Corrie has applied for this job.

10. Mack is bothering his brother.

11.  Neha plans to vacation with her friends.

12.  Vishal prepares for the examination.

13.  Dev reads the newspaper.

14.  Diya is chatting with her friends.

15.  Naimat is a school teacher.

16.   Javed wants to be a famous surgeon.

17.   Mohsin loves to cook.

18.  Candy is a foodie girl.

19. Are you working on this project with Andrew?

20. Will Laxmi order the food for us?

20 examples of proper nouns for buildings:

Here we will learn 20 examples of proper nouns for buildings. Each sentence contains the proper name of a building.

1.    The EFU Life Building is a beautiful life insurance building.

2.    I will buy a flat in  Sun Eva apartments.

3.    Greenwood is a famous furniture market.

4.    My uncle lives in Happy Dreams House.

5.    Alpha 5 is a software house where we learn software courses.

6.    There are expensive flats in Ester Heights.

7. Bastion is a famous hotel which has been opened near the bank of a river.

8.    Liquid House is an eye-catching aquarium restaurant.

9.    Super Spacer is an awesome game zone for kids.

10.    I visited the office of Sky Vista Construction.

11. We have arranged a gathering at Pearl Residency.

12.  Blue Ocean is a mall where you can purchase things at a cheap price.

13.  My mom usually buys groceries from Glimmer Supermart.

14.  Unite House Building has launched a scheme for its buyers.

15.  We will stay at the Home Love hostel.

16.  Funnel House is a well-known sweet shop.

17.   I purchased The Warehouse.

18. The team of doctors will stay at the Vice House.

19. Mountain Leaf is an adventurous museum.

20. The Golden Roof is a famous building for its ancient paintings.

20 examples of proper nouns for buildings

So, you have studied proper nouns and 20 examples of proper nouns. if you still face any difficulty while learning proper nouns then you can comment with us we will sort out your confusion. 

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