Pocha: Meaning in English and synonyms

"Pocha" is a Hindi or Urdu word. It is a common household item that we use and see every day in our houses. Sometimes, students face problems when they cannot translate pocha into English. They do not have to worry anymore as we will solve their problem today as we learn what the meaning of pocha in English is.

Meaning of pocha in English

"Pocha" in English

The meaning of pocha in English is "mop." The mop is a long stick with a long length of microfiber material on end.

What we call Pocha in English:

We call "pocha" in English "Mop," and it is an easy name for pocha in the English language, which we can remember easily. Every day, or at least twice a week, we use it to clean the floor or surface of a house, office, or other building.

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What is the English of pocha?

A mop is an English word for pocha. It is a common piece of cleaning equipment seen in homes, offices, and industries. However, it is available in a variety of shapes and dimensions. The material that is used in pocha is microfiber. Because microfibers have the ability to soak up a significant amount of water, Therefore, pocha or mop usually comes with microfiber material.

Picture of pocha or mop:

We have provided the picture of pocha or mop so you can understand the English of pocha or mop in a better way.  

What are other words for pocha in English?

Here we will tell you what other words for pocha in English are. We will provide a list of words that mean pocha in English.


Clean cloth


Liquid duster




cloth for cleaning the floor.

So, we learned that we call it "pocha" in English, and we also discussed other words i.e, synonyms for pocha in English. You can comment with us on other queries. 

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