English Literature Review: Scope & Jobs for MA & BA

English Literature is one of the major courses which is taught in many universities. But there is a doubt in every student’s mind about what they can do with an English literature degree. We will discuss which career opportunities are connected with an English literature degree.

What kinds of careers are open to people who have degrees in English literature?

An English Literature degree is a degree with which many career opportunities are associated. With an English Literature degree, you can go into teaching, translating, news anchoring, administration, and many other fields. Moreover, you can get a commission after doing a BA or MA in English Literature.

English Literature Review: Scope & Jobs for MA & BA

Opportunities as a Translator for an English Literature Degree:

Language plays a crucial role in conveying our message, and without it, the communication objective cannot be fulfilled. Many tourists come from different parts of the world, and they usually experience language barriers while having a conversation with locals. For this reason, tourists hire a communicator who can translate everything into English. Moreover, they offer an awesome salary package too. So, it is the best available opportunity for English literature degree holders.

An opportunity in the field of business for an English Literature degree:

An English Literature degree can also provide opportunities in the field of business. They can be hired for the following purposes in business:

1. Operators

2. HR

3. Managers of Public Relations

4. Translator

5. Assistant (with knowledge of Microsoft Office)

6. Receptionist

7. Analyst Manager

Jobs in the field of Media Communication for English Literature:

A degree in English literature can also fit perfectly in the media communication department. There are about 10 job opportunities for an English literature degree in media communication:

1. Media Person

2. Senior Content Writer

3. Communication officer

4. Anchor

5. Reporter

6. Authors and writers

7. Columnist

8. Editors

9. Public Relations Specialist

10. Announcers

What else jobs other than teaching can an English Literature degree holder do?

It is usually believed that with an English literature degree you can only do the job of teaching. However, even in education departments, there are many jobs available for English Literature degree holders other than teaching. With an English Literature degree, you can avail yourself of these jobs in the Education department.

1. Headmaster/Headmistress (HM)

2. Chief Monitoring Officer (CMO)

3. Officer of Education (EDO)

4. Director Education Officer (DEO)

Which online jobs can English Literature degree holders do?

An English Literature degree can open doors of opportunity for you on the online platform as well. There are many jobs you can do at home after acquiring a BA or MA in English Literature degree. You can do the following online jobs:

1. Free Lancing

2. Upwork

3. Blogging

4. Tuition

5. YouTube Channel

6. Fiver

These are tremendous online platforms where you can do your desired jobs with an English literature degree and earn dollars at home.

What can I do after a BA in English Literature?

BA English Literature is a degree that you get after the completion of 2 years or 4 semesters. There are many things that you can do after doing a BA in English Literature. You can take advantage of the following opportunities after doing a BA in English Literature:

1. MBA

2. M.A (Other Subjects)

3. Competitive exams like UPSC, CCI, IBPS, CDSE, CSE, and so on.

4. Jobs in NGOs, teaching, or hotel management.

5. Start your own business.

Some jobs are highlighted that you can do after a BA in English Literature, and still many jobs are waiting for BA English Literature students.

Can I get a foreign scholarship after my BA in English Literature?

Yes, some universities, especially Chinese universities, offer you fully funded scholarships for a BA in English Literature. But it is recommended that you should avail scholarships after completing your M.A or BS in English Literature.

Which online jobs can you do after your BA in English Literature?

You can do paraphrasing, write content for a website, create your own blog or website, or give online tuition. Moreover, affiliate marketing is also the best available option for BA English Literature holders.

What can I do after a BA in English Literature?

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