Cars: Queries, Maintenance & Valuation 2023

Cars are one of the major means of transportation that everyone loves to own and drive. Nowadays, cars are coming with advanced features that make them one of the most comfortable means of transportation. But, to keep the health of cars long-lasting, their maintenance is very important. Today’s article is completely about cars. We will discuss the following queries related to cars: These are common car queries that are mostly asked by car owners.

 Will car prices drop when compared to 2023?

• Are electric cars a good future?

• How much does hail damage to a used car lower its value?

• Does it make sense to fix a car after an accident?

• When it comes to cars, how long does it require to replace the oil?

• How much time does it take to change the oil in a car?

• How much distance can a car cover without an oil change?

• How much does car washing range in price?

• Why can't electric cars self-charge?

• Why do electric cars not contain alternators?

• If a gas-powered car's alternator can charge the battery, why can't an electric car do the same?

 What is a good place to park my car for a week?

Will car prices drop compared to 2023?

Most car enthusiasts are in doubt whether car prices will drop in 2023 or not. But it is too early to say whether the prices of cars will go down in 2023 or not. Because every year, new cars are launched with advanced features and technologies. So, we cannot say that the prices of cars will decrease in 2023; rather, they will increase. 

car prices will drop in 2023 or not

In terms of size or budget, if any automobile company launches by keeping a view of the budget and size, then we can have a budget-friendly car in 2023. But for now, it is expected that car prices may go up in 2023.

Are electric cars a good future?

Yes, the future is electric cars. It will be a good choice to choose an electric car over a gasoline car. Because in the future, we will have advanced batteries and motors that can give us thousands of kilometers of mileage per charge. So, it will be a good choice to drive an electric car. Apart from that, these electric vehicles will also soothe our environment by not emitting harmful gases. But electric cars have some disadvantages in some third-world countries.

Why do electric cars cost more than other cars?

You may observe that electric cars are usually overpriced compared to gasoline cars. There is a reason why electric cars are more expensive than other cars, and we will discuss why electric cars are expensive. Since an electric car is an advanced and new technology, and when a new technology comes into the market, it is usually costly. Another reason behind the exorbitance of electric vehicles is the usage of lithium batteries in them. As lithium batteries are very expensive and long-lasting, they are nowadays being used in electric cars to give hundreds to thousands of km on a single charge.

How much does hail damage to a used or new car lower its value?

Due to a car accident, a car owner must think about how much hail damage devalues the car. Whether it is a used car or a new car, the value of the car depends upon the intensity of damage to the car during an accident. If the car accident is severe, then the damaged car will lose its value, whether it is used or new. If there are minor dents or damage, then it will not impact much on the value of the car.

How much does hail damage to a used or new car lower its value?

Does it make sense to fix a car after an accident?

During car accidents, we often face damage to our cars. So, some car owners think it is worth repairing a car after an accident. The answer to this question is "yes." Our car must be repaired after an accident. Because there are certainly valid reasons why it is worth repairing a car after an accident.

Instantaneous repair of a car after an accident will not be the cause of devaluing the car. Because if you keep driving the damaged car, it may be caught by a buyer or dealer someday and he may ask you to decrease the price due to an accident.

The second reason why we should repair our car after an accident is that there is a possibility that the damaged car could be a reason to damage another part of your vehicle or even your engine. Sometimes it happens that your car may get internal damage, and due to your negligence, you did not notice, and as a result, your car breaks down. And by not repairing it at the earliest possible time, you let yourself experience an over-priced cost for the restoration of your car.

How much time does it take to change the oil in a car?

Changing oil is a significant inclusion in the list of maintenance. Because from time to time, changing a car’s oil sustains the health of an engine and other lubricant components. But due to busyness, sometimes the change of a car’s oil is delayed, which becomes the cause of the car’s engine breaking down. However, oil is an important nutrient for a car, so it must take place on time, but you may think that how long it takes to change the car oil. Usually, it takes half an hour to an hour to change the oil. In the same way, you may also think that if you do not change the oil, then how long can a car go without an oil change

how long can a car go without an oil change?

Usually, a car without an oil change may cover 200 to 350 km or it may cover your desired km too, but keep this thing in your notice if you run your car without an oil change, then it will certainly damage the valves and pistons of your car.

How much does it cost to wash a car?

Along with engine oil, washing a car is also included in the list of important maintenance. Car washing is as important as our bath because a car usually stands outside of our houses in every condition as well as it remains in contact with dust all the time, which makes our car dirty. Therefore, it is important that we wash our cars once a month or twice a month, depending upon the weather conditions where we live. People ponder how much we need to pay for washing a car in dollars. It usually costs 15 to 30 dollars (it may vary from country to country).

Why cannot electric cars self-charge?

In an electric car, there is a charging socket, or we need a charging station to charge our electric car. But you might have assumed that is why electric cars cannot charge themselves

Why cannot electric cars self-charge?

The answer to this question is that it is against physics's laws. It does not charge itself because some energy is lost, and energy conversions are not entirely efficient since some energy is wasted as heat during the conversion process. Moreover, a battery cannot charge a battery. Let’s take an example of a mobile power bank that assists us in keeping charging our phones. When the power bank’s battery gets low, we need some external source to charge it. The electric car also works on the same principle.

Why are no alternators in electric cars?

Why are no alternators in electric cars?

After discussing the preceding one, you may have another question(s): why does an electric car not have an alternator like gasoline cars? Or do you think that is why we do not use an alternator in electric cars to charge them like gasoline cars? The reason is that there is no alternator in electric cars because an alternator needs some greater source of torque to charge a battery. However, electric cars do not have as much capability to produce torque as a gasoline engine does to charge a battery. Aside from that, the motor in many electric cars can also be used as an alternator to get back some of the power lost when the car stops or brakes.

What is a good place to park my car for a week?

It often happens that a person goes abroad or to any other area for a trip or official purposes for a week or more. Then he ponders where he should park his car so that it will be safe till his return. So, here we are going to tell you the best place where you can park your car for a week. For parking, you can take any garage or parking lot for rent for a week. Also, there are parking lots at airports and train stations where you can park your car easily and safely for a week for a small fee.

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