Past Perfect tense || Easy worksheet, structure rule & use

What is the use of past perfect tense?

We use the past perfect tense to show those actions or activities which happened at an unspecific time in the past.

What is the rule of past perfect tense?

The rule of the past perfect tense is that we always use “had” with 3rd of the verb.

Example: Madhya had swept her room.

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What is the past perfect tense of go?

The past perfect tense of go is “gone”. The past perfect tense sentences with the word, “go will be like this

1. My friend and I had gone to the zoo before the guests came.

2. Had my father gone to the office when the guest came?

How to recognize whether the sentence is past perfect tense or not?

In order to recognize whether the sentence is past perfect tense or not, if the sentence is past perfect tense, there will be “had” along with 3rd form. If these both are present in the sentence, then the sentence will be a past perfect tense or else it is another tense. Let’s take an example of the past perfect tense.

The students had finished their work on the computer.

The above sentence is past perfect tense. As there is had as well as 3rd form of the verb i.e., finished, Thus the sentence is of a past perfect tense sentence.

My friend had some money for food.

The above sentence is not a past perfect tense because there is no 3rd form of the verb used in the sentence, and had in the above is used as a main verb. However, in the past perfect tense, we usually use “had” as an auxiliary or helping verb.

Easy worksheet of Past perfect tense for students:

We will provide you with an easy worksheet of the past perfect tense for students. The worksheet will be that much easy that it can be solved by all levels of the students.

Past Perfect tense  easy worksheet


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