Nouns as adjectives exercises

 List of nouns used as adjectives for the exercises:

Sometimes in a sentence noun can be referred to as an adjective. It occurs when two nouns are used together. From which one will be an adjective and another will be a noun. We will provide you with a list of nouns used as adjectives.

Nouns as adjectives exercises

100+ nouns as adjectives exercises:

This is the list of 100+ nouns as adjectives exercises that you can use in your sentences, and it is the best way to learn nouns as adjectives. These are also nouns as adjectives exercises for evaluation. 

Adjective Noun
Ink Pen
History Teacher
Sports Bike
Cricket Player
Action Movie
Gel Pen
Cold Environment
Stories Books
Dressing Table
Horse Race
Operation Theatre
Hockey Ground
Mobile Company
Mango Juice
Car Mechanic
Model Farm
Hindi Dictionary
Medical University
Medical Store
Mobile Charger
Karachi Airport
Science Fiction
Tuition Fees
Bank Receipt
Cooking Show
Food Vlogger
iPhone User
Management Science
News Reporter
Chocolate Lover
Bus Driver
Medical Report

The above words are the list of nouns that are used as adjectives. From the above list, you can make exercises with the best nouns as an adjective for the practice. You should use the words in a sentence, and ask your students which noun in the sentence is used as an adjective. In this way, your students will learn nouns as adjectives in a better way.

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