Intelligence Questions MCQs with answers || for Job and University entrance test

Intelligence Questions MCQs with Answers:

1. How many times can you subtract 2 from 150?

Ans: 1 time

2. If 3x5=925


Then 9x8=?

Ans: 8164 (Find the solution)

3. Take one from nine and it will leave ___?

Ans: Ten (how to see the soluta ion)

4. If 3 is company and 4 is a crowd. What are 7 and 9?

Ans: 16


Ans: CAT

6. Which of these is a leap year?

2010 2012 2014 2022

Ans: 2012 (see how to know whether a year is a leap year)

7. Take out the odd one: 28, 56, 98, 70, 130,42

Ans: 130 (all are divisible of 7)

8. Find the hidden fruit in this sentence?

The tourist teams are lost can they get map please?

Ans: apple

9. Insert the missing numbers and ords.

3, 7 11, ?

C, G, K, ?

Ans: 15, O

10. If we squared a number the answer will be 8x2. What is the number?

Ans: 4

 11. If 1 cat eats a mouse in 10 minutes then 100 cats will eat 100 mice in how many minutes?

Ans: 10 minutes

12. If you spend TBH in Bangkok, then you will be in __ country?

Ans: Thailand

13. What will come next in this series?

27, 21, 23, 17, 19, ___?

Ans: 13

14. If three days ago was the day before Friday, what will the day after tomorrow be?

Ans: Tuesday

15. If 1 hour= is 4 hours then a car travels 6 hours then how many hours it will be?

Ans: 24 hours

16. In how many hours you will complete the entire journey of the world with the speed of the sun?

Ans: 24 hours

17. If 10 is subtracted from the five greatest numbers the answer will be?

Ans: 99989

18. What you can break without even touching it?

Ans: Silence

19. Replace the * in the following.

B 8 F * J 12 N

Ans: 10

20. What will the five odd numbers you add the answer will be 14

Ans: 1, 11, 1, 1

21. What will be the relationship of Fahim to Jamil, if Anum is the Sister of Jamil’s granddaughter and then she becomes Fahim’s brother’s mother?

Ans: Grandson

22. Cow is to Grass as Lion is __?

Ans: Meat

23.  What number comes before 0?

Ans: -1

24. If CAT=3120 then WAX =?

Ans: 26124

25. What another English word can be formed from the “MAD”

Ans: DAM

26. A,C,F,J,__,___? What comes next?

Ans: O

27. 66, 63, 57, 45, __? What comes next?

Ans: 21

28. If someone spends 2 decades in a place. How many years he has spent there?

Ans: 20 years

29. If A= C B=D C=E, then SUM=??


30. If we re-arrange the following letters


 It will make the name?

Ans: Vegetable.

31. If a clock strikes seven in six seconds, how long does it take to eleven?

Ans: 10 seconds.

32. What will be the number whose double exceeds its half by 99?

Ans: 66.

What is Intelligence Questions MCQs?

Intelligence Question MCQs is the abbreviation of IQ. There are many Intelligence Questions that we need to learn to clear various examinations. Intelligence Questions testify to the sharpness and presence of the mind. For the recruitment of armed forces, Intelligence Questions are one of the major portions of the test.

Intelligence Questions MCQs

Why Intelligence Questions MCQs are important?

Intelligence Questions MCQs are important for various exams like Navy, ISSB, and Sindh University. You can learn Intelligence questions for the preparation for the Navy, ISSB, and the University of Sindh.

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For which test Intelligence Questions MCQs are important?

These Intelligence Questions MCQs are important for the following purposes.

1. Intelligence Questions for ISSB

2. Intelligence Questions for University of Sindh

3. Intelligence Questions for the FBR test


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