Viva questions of the age of Chaucer

Q1: Elaborate on the condition of the English Language in the age of Chaucer.

Ans: In the age of Chaucer, English, and French both languages were mixed and formed new standards, and it can be evident that the entire work of Chaucer was based upon the Standard English language.

Q2: Tell something about the condition of religion and society in the age of Chaucer.

Ans: In the age of Chaucer, social unrest was there. Moreover, new religious thoughts can be found in this age. Due to a new sort of learning, interest in intellectuals and literature was affected.

Q3: What was the role of Langland in the age of Chaucer?

Ans: Langland is considered to be one of the pioneers of the age of Chaucer as he was against the government and vices of the clergy. He stood against the practices of the government at that time. However, his poems also depict intense religious feelings and reflect virtues.

Q4: What was the innovation of the Chaucerian Poems?

Ans: In the age of Chaucer, Chaucer has three stages or simply we can say that it is divided into three stages i.e., Italian, English, and French.

Q5: How would you justify that in the Chaucerian age Chaucer was a great humorist?

Ans: Because it was the only Chaucer in the age of Chaucer who introduced the humor. The best thing is that Chaucer used to add sympathy and satire in his poems.

Q6: What changes occur in poetry in the age of Chaucer?

Ans: In the age of Chaucer, great changes occurred in the section of poetry. Chaucer brought modern features in poetry like appropriateness of phrases, skillful touch, and natural touch. These features make junk into gold.

Q7: How did “The Prologue” show the society of the 14th century?

Ans: The Prologue showed the society of the 14th century as Chaucer used all characters from different societies in it. The Prologue is the best to describe all the color and sound, the life and movement that are concerned with a grand procession.

Q8: How would you define that the age Chaucer is a realistic age?

Ans: We can say that the age of Chaucer is a realistic age, we take Chaucer whose works depict realistic art. The Canterbury Tales is an instance of supreme realism in the form of poetry.

Q9: Why Chaucer was given the title of Evening Star of the Medieval and Morning star of the Renaissance?

Ans: Chaucer in his age brought a great change in the history of English literature. Therefore, Dryden appraised him as the father of English poetry, and it is because his poetries contain all the attributions of the Modern Era.

Q10: How far does the transformation occur in prose in the age of Chaucer?

Ans: A great extension observed in the field in the age of Chaucer. The prose of this age has concerned with pleasure and entertainment rather than instruction. We found clarity, and straightforwardness, and were free from all the eloquent. These are major enhancements that occurred in the field of prose in this age.

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