Somvar vrat dates 2023

Somvar vrat 2023

Lord Shiva is honored on Somvar vrat, and it is a very important day in Hinduism. That day, people worship Lord Shiva and observe fast all day to get the shower of his blessings. After observing the fast for the entire day, they eat a meal once a day. 

The significance of shiva's vrat enhances for those who observe the fast on Mondays, especially in the months of Shravan and Sawan. Lord Shiva has affection for the months of Shravan and Sawan muchly, and throughout this month, Mahadev devotees worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Dates of Somvar vrat in 2023:

Devotees also observe the fast after the new moon’s Monday. We provide the dates Somvar Vrat in 2023. The followers of Lord shiva also call somvar vrat green Monday. So, we can also say that the dates of green Monday of 2023.

Somvar Vrat 2023 (Green Monday) Shiv Vrat Puja Dates 2023
27- March- 2023

What is Green Monday (Somvar vrat) in Hindusim?

In the Hindu religion, the Somvar vrat is also called Green Monday. The Hindu devotees observe the fast on Monday after sighting the new moon. They eat a meal once a day after shiva Katha.

When we should start Sawan Somvar 2023?

The devotee can observe the Sawan Somvar 2023 on July 4, 2023.

Which dress is preferred to wear on Somvar vrat?

This should be done first thing in the morning, people who want to keep Somvar vrat should get up in the morning and ruminate about Lord Shiva. Additionally, on this day, the person who is going to be fasting should put on a white dress.

What we should do on Somvar vrat?

1. One is required to get up early take a bath, thoroughly clean the home, and then purify the place by sprinkling the Gangajal there.

2. Maintain your body's water balance by sipping on water, milk, tea, and fresh juices at regular intervals throughout the day.

3. The fast must be kept truthfully, and the ceremonies must be performed carefully and attentively.

4. Make rangoli.

What is the reason for Somvar vrat in the month of Sawan and Shravan?

The reason for the Somvar vrat in the month of Sawan and Shravan is that the month of Sawan and Shravan is very close to the heart of Mahadev. Therefore, Sawan and Shravan are considered to be the month of blessings in Hindu culture.

With What we can make a Rangoli on Somvar vrat?

You can use flour (Aata) or Turmeric (Haldi) to make a Rangoli on Somvar vrat.

Where we can get somvar vrat Katha in Hindi in pdf?

Here is the link you can get somvar vrat Katha in Hindi in pdf.

Download PDF in Hindi

Somvar Katha in pdf

Download Now

Which materials are required for somvar vrat?

The following materials are required for somvar vrat. You must have material to do Somvar vrat Katha.

1. Shiva and Parvati murti

2. Paan

3. Betel nut (Supari)

4. leaves of mangoes

5. Chowki

6. gangajal

7. flowers

8. lota

9. Murti of Chandra dev

10. Akshat

11. Diya

12. Jal (made of milk, ghee, sugar, and honey)

13. Leaves of Banana

14. Aarti Taali

15. clove

16. Small cardamom

17. Kumkum

18. Money

19. Achmani

20. Yagyopaveet or simple words Janeu.

However, more materials are also required these are some important materials required for Somvar vrat.


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