Present Perfect worksheet

Choose the verb in Present Perfect form for the following sentences:

Example: My mom has bought me a gaming laptop.  


1. have 2. work 3. find 4. see 5. write 6. know 7. begin 8. do 9. learn 10. eat 11. take 12.  speak 13. give 14. live 15. buy 16. be

1. Sameer met Ahmed when they were in university. They______ each other for over 10 years.

2. They ______ many new sentences and words since they started the language course.

3. That is a splendid horror movie. I______ it many times.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Nasir ______ in this hospital for 10 years.

5. Why are you late? The History class______ already______

6. Pareena is my neighbor. She______near to me for eleven years.

7. Sameena  ________ many letters to her friends when she left her school.

8. I ______ in that hotel for many times.

9. After eight months, she ______ a perfect partner.

10. Rehan ________ for the car company for many years.

11. I ­­______ a bad cold for a couple of weeks

12. My mom ______ all essential groceries.

13. My brothers ­______ all their work.

14.  My cousin has a DSLR. So, we __________  pictures of picnic.

15. My mother ________ me a lot of help with the science project.

16. I ______ to my father many times about the broken cupboard.

Present Perfect worksheet in pdf:

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