List of world famous libraries

List of world famous libraries

Libraries are said to be stuff with uniqueness and have interesting about them. They have a charm all their own that continues to enchant us even till now when mobile technology is enhancing and books  are being turned into electronic information.

People still do not think books will ever end, and they will remain forever with us because they are still around. So, we can say libraries will still be around, and they will keep adding this new medium in the form of digital books to their shelves. There are many different kinds of libraries in the world that keep some kind of innovation in themselves. Today we will provide you with a list of famous libraries of the world with their country.  And then there are the libraries that are the most fascinating and endearing of all. Those are so charming libraries that everyone keenly would like to visit at least once in their lives.

List of world's famous libraries:

List of famous Libraries of the world Country
1. The National Library Vienna (Austria)
2. Munich State Library Germany
3. British Museum Library The United Kingdom (UK)
4. National Library Paris, France
5. Congress Library New York, USA
6. Imperial Library Calcutta, India
7. The National Library Tokyo, Japan
8. Lenin State Library Moscow, Russia
9. Vatican Library Vatican State, Italy
10. State Library Berlin, Germany
11. Punjab Public Library Lahore, Pakistan

Information about The National Library Vienna (Austria)

Once upon a time, emperors and kings lived in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. Today, it is the official home of the country's president and holds 7.4 million items from the Austrian National Library. When the Court Library was built between 1723 and 1735, it gave the original royal collection a permanent home in the palace. The architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach was in charge at first, and then his son Johann Emanuel Fischer von Erlach took over. Daniel Gran, a painter, made a gigantic fresco on the roof of the Austrian National Library, which is one of its most astounding parts. Moreover,  the Statues of the Habsburg rulers were made by sculptor Paul Strudel and are decorated on the dome in the respect of them.

Information about Munich State Library (Germany)

Munich State Library is one of the most important libraries in Europe. The other name of the Munich State Library is the Bavarian State Library. The best thing about this library is that it has more than ten million books in its collection right now.

Information about British Museum Library United Kingdom:

In 1973, the National Lending Library at Boston Spa and three British Museum library departments came together to form the British Library, and there are three departments i.e., the Department of Printed Books, the Department of Manuscripts, and the Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books.

Information about National Library, Paris (France)

The National Library of France is situated in the East End of Paris. It was an area that used to be a factory site. It's the first step toward a major revamp of this whole part of the city. The huge building is turned into a project that includes the void, a place for initiation, and not some sort of creature building.  

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