Hiryali Teej: Latest Captions, Wishes, Images and Status

In Sindhi, Teej is also referred to as teejri. Every year, it takes place in the month of Sawan. Similarly, this year Hindu women and girls will observe The Hiryali Teej on 2022, August 14th.

Wishes of Teej:

Many people share the wishes of Teej on this special eve with their loved ones. Here are some most shareable Teej wishes which you can share with your partner or relatives on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

1. “Happy Teej Mata! May Teej Mata bring you countless wealth and happiness.”

2. “I wish that Mata showers the benediction upon you on the special eve of Teej. You and your partner may have untroubled days. Happy Teej to you and your family”

3. “Wish you Happy Teej..!! May Mata Teej strengthens your bond with your Pati”.

4. “I pray on this blessing Teej, Mata strengthen your affection and bond of love with your soulmate, and it may tie together for years and years. Happy Teej!”

5. “May Mata Teej grants all your requests on this benedictional day and keeps you and your family safe from harm. Happy Teej”.

6. “Happy Teej! On this blessing day, I pray to Mata Teej that she makes happen good things to you and your husband's life.”

7. “Happy Teej! May Mata Teej furnish your existence with innumerable bestow of joy and happiness till the end of your life.”

8. “Teej is the on this benedictional day. I pray to Teej Mata, she endows you and your spouse with the blessing of a long and contented life. Happy Teej 2022!”.

9. “Wish you Happy Teej 2022🌿, May Mata Teej gladden with your worship and vrat on this remarkable and full of blessings day. Happy Teej once again!”

10. “Since Teej is considered to be the benedictional festival in Hindu culture. Teej is the name of patience, commitment, and blessings, may Mata be pleased with your devotion towards vrat. Happy Teej ka teevar🌿

Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp  captions for Teej:

Many girls and women update their Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and TikTok on Hiryali Teej. We will share with you some catchy captions of Teej for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

1. “Blessed Teej🌿.”

2. “Teej Vibes🌱.”

3. “Vrat of Teej  for the benediction of my love❤️.”

4. “Mehndi + Teej 🌱= Awesome feeling”

5. “Feeling blessed that U and I spent the eve of Teej together.”

6. “It is an awesome feeling when you and I spent Teej together ❤️.”

7. “Eve of Teej + Mehndi + Red dress= good vibes.”

8. “Month of blessings= Teej.”

9. “Blessing of Teej Mata”

10. “Blessed Teej with my love.” 

Mehndi Designs for Teej:

Women and girls apply different designs of Mehndi (Henna) on their hands. We have come up with some elegant, and simple mehndi designs for Teej 2022.

Mehndi design for Teej

If you are looking for mehndi designs for Teej like the new circle mehndi design for Teej, then below there are more different mehndi styles for teej.

See More 2022 Designs of Mehndi for Teej

What happens in the vrat of Teej?

In the vrat of Teej, women observe fast till the sighting of the moon. It is believed that by observing the vrat of Teej, a husband’s age is increased (Lambi Umar) and they pray for their husband that he may remain safe from the difficulties and troubles of life.

Can a man observe the vrat of Hiryali Teej?

Yes, men also seemed to observe the vrat of Hiryali Teej for their wives. However, it is prohibited in some places that a man should not observe. So, it depends upon you whether you wish to observe this vrat or not.

When will be Hiryali Teej in 2023?

The date of Hiryali Teej in 2023 will be on the 19th of August 2023, and Kajir Teej will be on the 2nd of September 2023.






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