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1. The first satellite was introduced?

Ans: Russia

2. Pedagogy is concerned with?

Ans: Teaching

3. The very first Canadian woman, who went into space:

Ans: Roberta Bonder

4. The next number will come in the following sequence 486,162,54,… is?

Ans: 18

5. Hydrochloric acid is essential to source for the dissolution of?

Ans: Proteins

6. H5N1 is a ___?

Ans: virus

7. If there are two triangles whose size, shape, and angles are the same, then they will be?

Ans: congruent

8. The sum of triangles is?

Ans: 180

9. How many roman alphabets are in mathematics?

Ans: seven

10. If you divide a circle into two equal parts then it would have 2?

Ans: Radius

11. In PowerPoint, the shortcut for the new slide is?

Ans: Ctrl+M

12. On a grammatical mistake, the line color in MS office will be?

Ans: red

13. Shortcut for saving as in MS office 2016?

Ans: f12

14. The country, where Headquarters Arab is found?

Ans: Cairo

15. What is the name of the pass that connects Peshawar with Chitral?

Ans: Malakand Pass

16. What is the buffer in the language of computers?

Ans: a temporary place

17.  Khojak Pass is in which province?

Ans: Balochistan

18. where is the tomb of the great saint Khwaja Ghulam Farid?

Ans: Kot Mithan

19. The number of Doabs in Pakistan?

Ans: 4

20. Chaj Doab separates?

Ans: Jhelum and Chenab rivers

21. The highest lake in Pakistan is?

Ans: Rush Lake

22. Lira is which country’s currency?

Ans: Turkey

23. The oldest monarchy?

Ans: Japan

24. Patella bone is found?

Ans: leg

25. Sharm el-Sheikh is?

Ans: A resort in Egypt

26. If you complete a job in 20 minutes, the same job your brother completes in 30 minutes. Then you both complete the same job together? (see the Solution)

Ans: 12 minutes

27. The fever of Breakbone is another name of?

Ans:  Dengue Fever.

28. Habsha is the previous name of?

Ans: Ethiopia

29. Dapsang is?

Ans: K2

30.  Which country owns reserves of fresh water?

Ans: Brazil

31. The company of Saudi Aramco is known as the world gas and oil company is in?

Ans: Dhahran

32. The mere newspaper which is hand-written?

Ans: The Musalman

33. Tadawul, The stock exchange of?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

34. Pakistan lies in?

Ans: Tropic of cancer.

35. Free town is?

Ans: Capital of Sierra Leone

36. Country, which is known for having the smallest area?

Ans: San Marino

37. the Yangtze is?

Ans: The largest river in Asia

38. What contains the maximum amount of iron?

Ans: green vegetables

39. ___ engine is considered to be the productive engine.

Ans: Electric engine

40. Name the official language of San Marino.

Ans: Italian

41. The language is enormously known for having many alphabets

Ans: Cambodian

42. __ continent does not have dessert?

Ans: Europe

43. ___ is known to have the purest of water?

Ans: Rainwater

44. Jaundice is a name of disease; it is concerned with?

Ans: Liver

45. which vitamin does a human not store?

Ans: Vitamin C

46. Tower of Silence is?

Ans: Paris (dead bodies are kept)

47. What happens during the inclination of the earth?

Ans: Day and night occurs

48. Another name for the continent, Africa is?

Ans: Dark continent

49. In a globe, contours line manifests?

Ans: Equal heights

50. The location of the valley, Kalash is?

Ans: Chitral

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51. Katas Raj is in which city of Pakistan?

Ans: Chakwal

52. Derawar fort is in?

Ans: Bahawalpur

53. Swaik is the name of the lake which is in ___ district?

Ans: Chakwal

54. Montgomery is the previous name of?

Ans: Sahiwal

55. The first woman, to become a judge in a High court in Pakistan

Ans: Majida Rizvi

56. Calculate the average of the first 30 positive integers (See the solution)

Ans: 15.5

 57. If A: B=3:8 and B: C=4:7 the value of A: C will be? (See the Solution)

Ans: 3:14

58. Asia cup of 2022 will be played in which country?

Ans: Sri Lanka

59. _____, built Agra Fort?

Ans: Akbar

60. If a person is on a high altitude, then he can have?

Ans: Bleeding

61. Friends not Masters’ author is___

Ans: Ayub Khan

62. Which is known to have a high frequency?

Ans: Gamma Rays

63. UNICEF looks ___ matter?

Ans: Children

64. Israeli PM becomes the first,___?

Ans: Visit UAE

65. PL, a new league is initiated by?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

66. Name the computer featured in British currency

Ans: Alan Turing

67. After _ years, Italy achieved the title of Euro Cup.

Ans: 53

68. After 100 years, ___ will emerge on the map

Ans: An Ocean.

69. The world's largest Cargo plane, that landed at the Airport of Karachi was__?

Ans: AN-225

70.  The Mughal emperor, title Zinda-pir?

Ans: Aurangzeb

71. Parana, a famous river in which country?

Ans: South America

72. ___ km is the length of the largest of Pakistan, the Indus?

Ans: 2900

73. Speleology is?

Ans: Caves

74. Addis Ababa lies on which river?

Ans: Nile River

75. River Po is in?

Ans: Italy

76. The___ strait lies between Malaysia & Singapore?

Ans: Johor

77. Ho Choi Minh is _____ country’s seaport

Ans: Vietnam

78. Widow’s tears is the name of ___

Ans: Waterfall.

79. Ulan Bator is ____ capital’s?

Ans: Mongolia

80. Nafka is ____ currency?

Ans: Eritrea

81. ___ is the parliament of Vietnam.

Ans: Quoc-Hoi

82. Rathasapha is ___ parliament.

Ans: Thailand

83. ___ judges are there in ICJ?

Ans: 15

84.  How many members are in SAARC from Island?

Ans: 2

85. In ____ Elgin Street is situated?

Ans: England

86. Adana Menderes Airport is in___?

Ans: Turkey

87. The Gas pipeline, Black links?

Ans: Russia and Turkey

88. The theme on World Radio Day, was___?

Ans: Peace, tolerance, and Dialogue

89. ____ is the author, of “A Doctor in the House”

Ans: Mahathir Muhammad

90. ___ was the theme of World Cancer Day, 2022

Ans: Close the care gap.

91. Which two renowned footballers came to Pakistan in 2019.

Ans: Figo and Kaka

92. Ex parte means?

Ans: One-sided.

93. Per capita is used for?

Ans: it is for per person

94. Lenin Prize is grasped by___ poet of Pakistan?

Ans:  Faiz Ahmed Faiz

95. In ____ BC, Alexander entered India for the purpose of invasion.

Ans: 326

96. Sui generis means?

Ans: Unique/rare

97. Southern cross consists of ___ stars?

Ans: Five

98. Sun Flower, a famous painting painted by?

Ans: Van Gogh

99. What is Bearish is ___ term in the Stock market?

Ans: Going down

100. Kosovo’s capital is ____

Ans: Pristina.

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