Everyday science G.K

 1. Which planet another’s name is Morning Star (Most repeated Question in different job tests)

Ans: Venus

2. The Red spots around Venus actually are?

Ans: Storm

3. Parsec is used to determine the?

Ans: distance of Astronomical bodies

4. Solar corona possesses?

Ans: Molten Lava

5. What does the Moon generally produces on the earth?

Ans: tides

6. Which gas is present in the sun in a huge quantity?

Ans: Hydrogen

7. Titan is not a satellite of which planet?

Ans: Jupiter

8. When a planet or body position is near to the sun is called?

Ans: Perihelion

9. Mercury and Venus are the only which do not have?

Ans: Satellite

10. Which scientist gave the concept of rings surrounding Saturn? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Galileo

11. Which planet is famously known for its brightness?

Ans: Venus

12. At the north pole, the rotation of the earth is?

Ans: highest

13. The heat that the sun gives to the earth is called?

Ans: Insolation.

14. Which scientist did present the concept related to the size of the earth?

Ans: Eratosthenes

15. ____ portion of the earth acquires the highest heat energy?

Ans: Equatorial region

16. What is the speed of the earth in km/sec?

Ans: 29.8

17. Which Ocean is famously for “Ring of Fire”?

Ans: Pacific

18. Caldera is the term that is attached to the?

Ans: Volcanoes

19. Mouna loa is a specimen of ____ volcano.

Ans: Active.

20. Which country has known for having many volcanoes?

Ans: Ice land.

21. Which four gases make the atmosphere?

Ans: Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon dioxide.

22. Pampero is?

Ans: Cold wind

23. ___ device is formed to measure the air pressure.

Ans: Barometer

24. What do we use to measure?

Ans: Beaufort Scale.

25. Oxygen in the upper atmosphere becomes?

Ans: Ozone.

26. Which layer provides the perfect circumstance for a jet airplane to fly?

Ans: Stratosphere.

27. The center point of a cyclone is known as?

Ans: Eye.

28. The shield of the earth is called?

Ans: Ozone.

29. Anemometer is used for the purpose of ____?

Ans: measuring the speed of the wind.

30. Cirrocumulus is the development of the clouds?

Ans: vertical.

31. The name of high cloud is?

Ans: Cirrus

32. Which is known as the very first organism that used to exist on the earth?

Ans: Autotrophs.

33. Which reptile animal is known to have four chambers in it?

Ans: Crocodile.

34. The process of hardening the blood vessels is known as?

Ans: Thrombosis

35. Blood platelets are an important source of?

Ans: Clotting of Blood

36. The place of Lungs in which cavity?

Ans: Thoracic

37. If the blood group of a father is B+ and the mother O+ the blood group of the son will be?

Ans: O+

38. The unit of filtering of the kidney is?

Ans: Nephron

39. The organ which collects iodine in our body is?

Ans: Thyroid gland

40. Saliva in a human body is?

Ans: Alkaline

41. If you are sleeping your blood pressure will? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: fluctuates

42. In the brain where respiratory system lies?

Ans: Medulla

43. Glucose is required for?

Ans: Brain

44. A membrane that protects the heart is?

Ans: Pericardium

45. Which sort of image is usually formed on the retina of our eye? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Inverted and real.

46. Which gas is present in our body in a huge amount?

Ans: Oxygen

47. Largest animal is?

Ans: Blue Whale

48. We are not able to find the hormone in?

Ans: Bacteria

49. Apiculture is?

Ans: Artificial nurturing of bees.

50. Honey contains __ in a larger amount? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Glucose

51. Which doctor recommends identifying the disease of cancer? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Biopsy Test.

52. Diabetes occurs due to the failure of? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Pancreas

53. Herbicides are sprayed for?

Ans: Weeds

54. We cannot survive if do not consume a sufficient amount of?

Ans: Proteins

55. Which alloy is utilized to manufacture a heating device that runs on electricity?

Ans: Nichrome

56. CFC is used in? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: AC, fridges, and Refrigerators

58. Urea can also be called?

Ans: Carbamide

59. ___ is the founder of oral polio

Ans: Jonas Salk

60. 1 square meter equals_____ hectares

Ans: 100

61. shinny hard black coal is known as ___?

Ans: Anthracite

62. Another name for the core of the earth.

Ans: Barysphere

63. Sial is ___?

Ans: The lightest layer of the earth

64. Hydrometer is used to _____? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Measure the specific gravity of a liquid.

65. Humidity can be estimated by ___?

Ans: Hygrometer

66. ____ explains features and shaping of the universe

Ans: Cosmography

67. Acoustics is the study concerned with? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Sound

68. The stone of sand is from __ rocks?

Ans: Arenaceous

69. Rusting is an example of? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Oxidation

70.  Monazite belongs from ___ ore?

Ans: Thorium

71. Which element helps with the conversion of solar energy? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Silicon

72. Which gas is mainly used for making soda water?

Ans: Carbon dioxide

73. 76% of pure gold exists in how many carats?

Ans: 18

74. The gas which we use at home is methane gas. It is also famously known as? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Marsh gas

75. The gas which assists to fill the balloons is?

Ans: Helium

76. The fever of Typhoid occurs in?

Ans: Intestine

77. Hydrophobia is commonly found after the biting of? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Dog

78. What controls our reflex action?

Ans: Motor nerves

79. How many liters of blood are found in a human body? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: 5 to 6

80. When a lens of someone’s eye becomes blurred or foggy that will be called?

Ans: Myopia

81. Pellagra is which sort of disease?

Ans: Skin

82. Insulin becomes essential for which patient?

Ans: Diabetic

83. loss of memory is concerned with? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Amnesia.

84. Emerald is found in which color?

Ans: Deep green

85. Soda water mainly contains?

Ans: Carbon dioxide.

86. Seismology is? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Study of earthquakes

87. Japan usually faces/experiences earthquakes?

Ans: It locates in the Volcanic belt.

88. EEG concerned with?

Ans: brain

89. If you are on the moon, from there sky will be in?

Ans: Black

90. maximum density of water?

Ans: 4°C

91. The capsule’s cover is made ___?

Ans: Starch

92. The temperature of centigrade and Fahrenheit becomes identical?

Ans: -40°C

93. What is called the queen of spices?

Ans: Cardamom

94. Rainfall study?

Ans: Hyetology

95. Lunar eclipse occurs? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: Full moon

96. Which country is called earthquake free?

Ans: Brazil

97. In a human, how many ribs are found? (Most repeated Questions in different job tests)

Ans: 12

98. What type of mirror do we have in our car?

Ans: Convex

99. Ricket is a disease of?

Ans: bones

100. The color of light is determined from?

Ans: Wavelength. 

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