Discussion in research - Tips to write a good discussion

It is an important chapter in research for the discussion in your thesis whether it is a master's or Ph.D. Thesis. The discussion keeps very important. Today we will guide you what is discussion method in research and how to write a discussion section in research.

Discussion in research is part where you connect your research with the literature you have provided in your dissertation. Discussion section in research to build argument regarding the research you have done. You must write a good discussion for your research. We will discuss that what is the importance of a good discussion section in research and how we can write a discussion effectively for our research.

What is the main purpose of discussion in research?

The chief purpose of the discussion in research is to interpret and convey the relevance of your findings in light of what was already known about the research problem under investigation, as well as, it is also a way to explain any new understanding or fresh insights about the subject after you have considered the data.

The topic of your research will always connect to the introduction through the study questions you presented and the literature you evaluated, but it does not keep repeating the introductory part. Moreover, the discussion should always describe how your study has advanced the understanding of readers regarding the research problem since the conclusion of the introduction

Importance of a good discussion method for our research.

It is important that you write a good discussion section for your research as discussion in research is the approach that most effectively illustrates your capability as a researcher to think deeply about a problem, to propose new ways to solve problems given the results, and to develop a deeper, more profound understanding of the research issue that you are analyzing.

Secondly, through your discussion, your research can demonstrate by creating deeper concern that will be helpful to understand your research in a better way, and will further explore the fundamental meaning of your research.

Thirdly, it is important to have a good discussion method, because you will show the importance of your research with a good discussion as well as how it will be able to explore the field and fill gaps that are already present in it. If it is applicable and relevant, then you should also indicate in the discussion part of your research and tell how the findings from your research fill the gaps in the literature that had not been earlier highlighted or appropriately explained.

Fourthly, Discussion is a part where you can think effectively about problems through the analysis of your findings, and it is a part where you can go. At this stage, you present your findings along with significant relevance.

What are the top objectives of Discussion in research?

Following are some top objectives of discussion in research that must be included.

1. Significance of your findings and their meanings

2. build a connection between your research with your literature review.

3. Hidden or alternative elaboration of your research.

4. Define the limitation of your research.

5. Give suitable suggestions (s) for future studies.

Tips to write a good discussion

Important tips for writing a good discussion in a dissertation:

We will share with you some important and helpful tips for writing a good discussion for your research.

1. Discussion of implications

2.  knowledge of your limitation

3. Present a clear picture of agencies and the exceptions you have used for your research.

4. building a linkage of your study with the previous studies has been done.

What we must do in the Discussion section of our research?

Major things you have to do in the discussion part of your research. We summarized the points that what you must do in your discussion section.

1. You need to include the instructions of journals for writing the discussion and conclusion sections to learn more. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the rules before you start to write so that you can write to their requirements.

2. Bring new or broader ways to think about the research question. Show what can be executed next to find out more about any unanswered questions.

3. Be clear and precise. Attaching too much information can take attention away from the main focus.

4. Tell the reader why the results of your study are important. Talk about what your findings mean realistically, based on what other people have said in your literature review, and point out both the weaknesses and strengths of your research.

5. Start by clearly stating the main findings. This will help the reader remember the main point and set the foundation for the emergence of the talk.

How to write a discussion section for an English Literature thesis?

Discussion is also an important section of the English Literature thesis, but many candidates become confused about how to write a discussion chapter in the English Literature thesis, and how to link literature review with their findings of the research in the discussion part.  But we will be going to clear this confusion. In literature, the discussion is also called “literary discussion”. In the English Literature thesis, if you are applying a theory to a literary text, then in the discussion part you can connect your literature review and results by providing an explanation that how your finding(s) is similar to that of the literature review you have mentioned in your literature review chapter. Moreover, in the English literature thesis, there are varieties of theories that can be applied, and therefore, we see different types of discussions in English Literature. The same case is with the English linguistic thesis too.  

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1. Elaborate on the theoretical framework along with the limitation of your research.

2. link your result or findings that how your research has a connection with your literature review.

3. summarize your finding in the discussion part in English literature.

4. manifest the significance of your research (results you interpreted)

5. Also include that you have quoted literature available to demonstrate the relevance of your results.

These are the main characteristics of discussion in the research of English.

How is discussion different from a conclusion in research?

The discussion and conclusion both are different from each other. Many scholars get confused about the difference between discussion and conclusion. The key difference between discussion and conclusion is that in a dissertation the discussion contains the examination, significance, importance, and relevance of your research. It should focus on describing and evaluating your findings, and demonstrating how they relate to the literature review you have provided in the second chapter of the research. Also, the explanation of the research objectives which you have described in your research question(s), and build an argument in favor of your ultimate conclusion.

On the other hand, in the dissertation, the conclusion is the summarization of your research. It includes the main points of your topic and research. As well, as the significance of your research and conclude your thoughts. We do not relate or link our research with a literature review.

Difference between Discussion and conclusion in table form

Discussion Conclusion
We connect our research with a literature review We do not connect our research with the literature review
Do not include Researcher's thoughts Include Researcher's thoughts
It is an interpretation of your result, finding, and so on The conclusion is a summary of your research
It does not include recommendations and suggestion It includes recommendations and suggestion
It is long in length It is not long as the discussion part
You elaborate on each and everything of your results or findings It has center point main points of discussion which a researcher wants to remember
Comparison of the present study with prior study It is in the summarized form of your study
It is written to elucidate your findings deeper It is written to windup your dissertation

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