D.H Lawrence MCQs

1. The complete name of D.H Lawrence?

Ans: David Herbert Richards Lawrence.

2. What is the genre of D.H Lawrence?

Ans: Modernism

3. What was his Alma mater?

Ans: University of Nottingham

4. Novels did D.H Lawrence write?


1. Sons and Lover

2. The Rainbow

3. Women in Love

4. John Thomas and Lady Jane

5. Lady Chatterley’s Lover

5. How many short stories did D.H Lawrence write?

Ans: 3

6. When did D.H Lawrence publish his first work?

Ans: 1909

7. Place, where D.H Lawrence died?

Ans: Vence (France)

8. What was his age when D.H Lawrence died?

Ans: 44

9. How did D.H Lawrence die of?

Ans: TB (Tuberculosis)

10. from where did D.H Lawrence get inspiration?

Ans: Ezra Pound.

11. What was his birth date?

Ans: 11th September 1885

12. What was his date of death?

Ans: 2nd March 1930

13. Which was the last novel D.H Lawrence published?

Ans: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

14. Which poem of D.H Lawrence was banned?

Ans: Pansies

15. For whom did D.H Lawrence write the poem Birds, Beasts, and Flowers?

Ans: For his wife.

16. What was the name of D.H Lawrence’s wife?

Ans: Frieda

17. What is the name of D.H Lawrence’s short story?

Ans: The Rocking-Horse Winner.

18. Short stories did D.H Lawrence.


1. His first short story is Odor of Chrysanthemums.

2. The second one is The Virgin and the Gypsy.

3. The third one is The Rocking-Horse Winner.

19. The number of novels, did D.H Lawrence write?

Ans: 5

20. What are the themes of D.H Lawrence's works?


1. Elusive

2. Satirical

3. Controversial  

21. The number of poems, written by D.H Lawrence?

Ans: 3

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