Benefits rules and significance of Satyanarayan puja

Lord Satyanarayan is one of the most popular forms of Lord Vishnu, and Hindus all over the world honor him and worship him for acquiring his blessings. Every month, more than a million people follow this special Vrat every month on Purnima. They carefully note the dates of Satyanarayan puja and keenly take part and engage themselves in doing the Katha and rituals of Satyanarayan. 

Significance of the Satyanarayan puja:

The Puja of Shri Satyanarayan Swami is one way that the people worship Lord Vishnu as the personification of faith and reality. All believers and followers of Vishnu worship this form of god. 

The Puja of Satyanarayan has many benefits as it has changed the lives of those who follow faith (Vishwas) from the depth of their heart. People who believe in Lord Satyanarayan also do a lot of rituals many times a year to acquire the blessings of the Lord Satyanarayan.

How does the Satyanarayan Puja begins?

The Puja of Satyanarayan begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesh for the removal of all impediments that we face in our life. This prayer is executed by chanting Lord Ganesh's name and doing rituals by making modak (Indian name) with Prasad, which is all time Lord Ganesha's favorite food. After that, flower petals are thrown over the lord, and the Katha is read loudly by one of the family members, and the completion of 5 chapters (Adhyas) of Satyanarayan the parsad is distributed among the family members and other relatives.

The ritual of Puja of Satyanarayan prayers is mostly executed in Hindu homes. This is the devotion to Lord Satyanarayan as he is the epitome of ultimate truth as Satya in the Satyanarayan itself means “truth”. Therefore, devotees of Satyanarayan do this ritual for a variety of different reasons. It has been seen that worshipers who do the puja of Satyanaraya with loyalty and true faith usually get out of many hurdles in their life. Their problems and dispute are solved and they get mental peace and can get the strength to deal with the tough things in life.

Can you do Satyanarayan puja yourself?

Satyanarayan puja can be done by yourself, and you can do the puja of Satyanarayan if you can read the Katha

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