The Deer King (2022): Review of the movie

The Deer King (2022) is doing a lot around global, and much of it comes at the expense of the most important relationship in the movie. The story of The Deer King (2022) was written by Taku Kishimoto and the animated movie is directed by Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji.

A brief review of The Deer King (2022) movie:

In a brief review of The Deer King (2022)  we see the last warrior from a warrior group was captured and forced to labor in a salt mine. But one night, a group of wild and fierce dogs attacked the salt mine, and from there a strange disease emerge namely Plague and kills everyone there.  By taking advantage, the salved warrior and a little girl run away from the mine and a highly trained doctor looks for a cure mysterious disease.

What is the Story of the recent movie The Deer King (2022)?

The story of The Deer King (2022) in English was written by Taku Kishimoto and it is directed by Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji. It takes place in a fantasy universe where two kingdoms were with a lot of clashes, but they ended up making tranquility because on one side Zol was mysteriously safe from a widespread illness. 

The audience does not know if the Aquafa were just trying to stop more land from being taken over, but they must say that it is safe that the script gets embroiled in the clarification of these feudal lords and past.

In another place, a warrior from another group, whose name is The Lone Antlers, is compelled to work in a salt mine under horrible circumstances. One day, creatures appeared that looked like rabid dogs. Those ravenous dogs harm everyone, leaving them covered in blood, traumatize, and killed.

But a scene, that compels people to think most that what the movie is all about and what it wants to utter in front of its audience. Van, a salt miner, on the other hand, does not seem to be affected by the deadly attack, rather the attack seems to have given him supernatural powers that make him different from humans. He also showed his courage to help a scared young woman, and they both escaped and get to a safe place.

Van also goes to an expert doctor to find out the main culprit of this situation and tried to figure out who is responsible for this attack, and whom he blames. Through this, he presented himself as the most attractive and interesting character here because he was neither to the side of  Aquafa nor of Zols, and he preferred science for finding answers to his queries.

We also see that the leaders of Aquafa are plotting against the Zols.  It is hard to determine the actuality that a kingdom whose name comes from the word "Aqua" (which actually means water) uses the color red as its signature. But on the other hand,  the antagonists are dressed in blue wardrobes. All these things, do not make logical sense and therefore, this reality keeps continuously putting down the story of Van, a warrior who is still suffering from a big loss but despite it, he has found a new way to live by taking care of a little girl. The story is mostly spotting about all the others, but there is not much that manifests the link between the van and a little girl.

Voice featuring in The Deer King (2022):

The following 10 are vocal artists who have given their voice in The Deer King (2022).

1. Tesshou Genda

2. Atsushi Abe

3. Anne Watanabe

4. Hisui Kimura

5. Ryoma Takeuchi

6. Shinichi Tsutsumi

7. Yoshito Yasuhara

8. Tomomichi Nishimura

9. Shinshu Fuji

10. Toru Sakurai

The Deer King (2022) English dub movie trailer:

The Deer King (2022) English dub movie  trailer

The Deer King (2022) English Cast:

The Deer King (2022) is dubbed in English in which the following artists have worked.

 1. Ray Chase

2. Griffin Puatau

3. Doug Stone

4. Erica Schroeder

5. Luciana Vandette

6. Frank Todaro

7. Neil Kaplan

8. Doug Erholtz

9. Xander Mobus

10. Larissa Gallagher

11. Michael Deaner

12. Stefan Martello

13. Steve Kramer

14. Marc Thompson

15. Edna Larsen

16. Stephanie Sheh

17. Grant Geroge

When can you can The Deer King (2022) dubbed in English?

The Deer King (2022) dubbed in English can be watched in theaters from July 15, 2022.

How to book tickets for The Deer King (2022)?

To book the tickets for The Deer King (2022) you can visit

How to watch online The Deer King (2022)?

The Deer King (2022) online is not available right now, you can watch The Deer King (2022) full movie in theaters from the month of July.

The Character of Princess Mononoke in The Deer King (2022):

The character of Princess Mononoke in The Deer King (2022) plays an important role and the audience loves to see Princess Mononoke as this character also worked in many other animated movies already.

Will The Deer King (2022) have an English Dub?

Yes, The Deer King (2022) will have an English Dub from July 15. 

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