30+ wonderful questions game for couples to ask each other

It is an amazing and special feeling when you get your partner and become a perfect couple. And everyone desires to know more about their partner. In this regard, we have brought 30+ wonderful questions game for couples to ask each other.

30+ couple game questions to get to know each other:

Here are 30+ amazing couple game questions that you can ask to get to know each other, and know how much your partner knows and loves you.

1. "What is the number of your partner or soul mate?" 🤣

2. "What sort of food does your partner adore the most?" 🤔

3. "What habit of your partner do you love or hate the most?" 🤭 

4. "Which style of your soul mate do you want to adopt or wish to have in you?" 🤠

5. "How would you relate to your partner by three appropriate titles?" 🥰

6.  "Which high-priced gift do you think your partner has given to you?" 🎁

7. "Which habit of your better half do you want him/her to leave immediately?" 🤵

8. "In which wardrobe does or will your partner look beautiful/ handsome?" 👞 👗

9. "If you are given the choice of songs then which would you think suits you both?" 🎵

10. "Reveal your partner’s earnings or do you how much your soulmate earns?" 💸

11. "Out of 10, To which memorable moment would you give 10 out 10 marks?" 💯

12. "If you get the power or opportunity to fulfill your soulmate's wish, then which wish that would be?" 🧚‍♀️

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 30+ couple funny questions game to get to know each other:

Funny questions from your partner can have fun as well as it will provide you an opportunity to know your partner more and more. Here are 30+ funny couple questions game to get to know each other, and these are the funniest couple questions game for newly engaged couples that will surely make you and your partner laugh.

13. "Address of your partner?" 🏘️

14. "What is the silliest thing you both or your partner have done that still makes you laugh a lot when you remember it?" 🤣

15. "What content does your life partner share with you the most on social media forums?" 💻

16. "On which posts you are found tagged the most of the time by your partner?" 💻

17. "What is the longest call duration between you both till now?" 📱

18. "Who between you, started the first argument?" 😡

19. "On which topic/ issue, did the argument start?" 😡

30+ love couple questions game to ask each other:

We have made a 30+ love couple questions game to ask each other. These are some good love couples questions that will let you how much your partner loves you. Apart from the game, love a couple of questions to know how much your better half loves you. These love couples questions are for newly engaged couples as well as for married couples.

20. "Do you remember what gift did you both get on your first date?" 🛍️

21. "Do you know any incident/moment that made you realize that your partner has a great attachment to you?" 😑

22. "Who between you, is thrifty?"  💰

23. "From you both, To whom you will give the title of the free-spender?" 💰

Some serious couple questions game to ask:

Along with other categories, we have made some serious couple questions to ask for the game. These important serious couple questions are to ask your partner to explore more about his/her nature.

24. "Did you or your partner had done something which your partner made you notice about that and later you regretted or felt guilty about your doing?" 😔

25. "According to your partner’s nature, which job do you think suits your partner?" 🧑‍🎓

26. "Who between you is a possessive kind of person?" 🧎

27. "From 0 to 100%, in what percent do you feel your partner loves you?" 💯

28. "What book/blog/article does your partner love to read often?" 📚

29. "Which habit of your partner inspired you so much that you even adopted it without letting know your partner?" 🙂

30. "What was the favorite subject of your partner during school time?" 📚

Food-related couple questions game

Food is also an important part of a relationship. Many couples have good memories with food as well. Here are some food-related questions game for couples. these food questions for newly engaged couples and married couples

31. "Who between you is a foodie?" 😋

32. "Who between you is a good cook?" 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

33. "Which food do you usually eat during your phone/video call?" 🍟

34. "What dish you have learned to cook that you could not cook, but because of your partner you have learned to cook?" 🍳

Yes or no couple questions game for newly engaged couples:

We have also made a yes or no couple questions game for newly engaged couples. In this yes or no game some funny, silly, and entertaining questions for couples are prepared they will be asked these questions and they have to answer them either yes or no. It will be fun and entertaining for them. Here are some yes or no questions for newly engaged couples.

1. "Do you really think you have got the partner for which you used to dream?" 💭

2. "Do you know the phone number of your partner?" 📱

3. "Does any habit/thing of your soulmate you like or dislike?" 👍👎

4. "Does your partner share memes and other stuff on social media?" #️⃣

5. "Have you adopted any practice of your partner?" 😇

6. "Do you the monthly remuneration of your partner?" 💰

7. "Have you or your partner or both done something you make cackle?" 🤣

8. "If you are given power, will you accomplish any wish of your partner for which he/she desires the most?" 🙌

9. "Did you receive any gift from your partner that you loved the most?" 🎁

10. "Did you get the gift on your first date?" 🎁

11. "Is your partner overprotective related to you?" 🤔

12. "What do you think, Does your nature match with your partner?" 🤔

13. "Do your partner and your ideas/thoughts become the reason for the clash?" 🤔

14. "Do you think that your better half matches your food taste?" 😜

Yes or no couple questions game for newly married couples:

we have also prepared some yes or no question games for newly married couples too. You can ask as a quiz and acquire some entertaining answers from your partner. 

1. “Do you observe any kind of transformation in your soulmate since you both have tied the knot of marriage?" 🪢

2. “Does your partner prepare a delicious meal for you?” 🍳

3. “Have you executed the objectives that you set before going to get married?" 🥅

4. “What do you think that still, your soul mate you give as much as the time he/she used to give you before?”

5. “What gift/present did you get on the day of your marriage?” 🎁

How to play a couple of questions game:

It has very simple steps to play a couple of questions game. Follow the following steps.

1. You both take out a piece of paper.

2. assign a 3rd person, you can ask the above couple questions from you both.

3. After every question you and your partner write the answer.

4. 3rd person will ask what your partner could have written the answer.

5. Match the answers and have fun with a couple questions game.

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