100 examples of present perfect tense

 1. I have repaired my computer.

2. Have you watched the Bahubali movie?

3. I have filled the jug with orange juice.

4. Have you finished your work assigned by John.

5. I have not eaten this type of dish.

6. Have you copied the assignment?

7. We have arranged a party for my father.

8. I have learned physics problems.

9. I have sold out my cattle.

10. Has he told you something about his future?

11. Why I have not received my electricity bill?

12. They have read this chapter full of concentration.

13. The bulb has burnt out.

14. Engineers have installed giant wind turbines in the open space.

15. I have purchased new furniture.

16. I have visited this place several times with my father.

18. A cold has caught me many times in winter.

19. I have cut my finger.

20. My father has read the newspaper.

21. My cousin has become a politician.

22. My sister has obtained Ph.D. in Chemistry.

23. The villager woman has fetched water from the river.

24. The goat has eaten the grass.

25. I have noted the lecture in my notebook.

26.   She has gathered much information about her favorite personality.

27. The thief has disappeared from the crime scene.

28. This news has made me frightened.

29. My teacher has introduced an innovative way of learning.

30. A man has thrown a stone at a stranger.

31. Water has entered many houses due to heavy rain.

32. I have found my lost book.

33. Children have played a football match.

34. The match has ended without any decision.

35. I have argued with my friend about inflation.

36. Daniya has participated in many debate competitions.

 37. My cousin's sister has given birth to a cute baby boy.

38. Why have you objected to his proposal?

39. Have you ever heard of this word?

40. He has come before you.

41. My teacher has assigned me a science project.

42. My mother has advised me.

43. I have put fruit in the basket.

44. The window has broken in an accident.

45. Guider has guided the tourists properly.

46. I have bought a new iPhone 14.

47. My grandmother has given me some money.

48. I have bought a dress for my mother.

49. My brother has taken me to a wonderful place of this city.

50. I have filled out a form for an online course.

51. My naughty cat has made my room messy.

52. He has bought many dresses for my wedding.

53. They have decided on the place for the meeting.

54. I do not know, what the teacher has written on the board.

55. My mother has cut the cake in equal parts.

56. We have got our house repaired.

57. He has visited many countries for official purposes.

58. The waiter has spoiled her dress.

59. The juice has split over the floor.

60. Little has found a strange thing from mud.

61. The doctor has come out of the operation theatre.

62. The clerk has listed the thing categorically.

63. My friends have surprised me by giving me treats for my birthday.

64. The concerned department has forwarded my application.

65. The authority has recommended me for this job.

66. I have put my important document in the file.

67. She has suggested me a course.

68. He has been involved in many social works.

69. The over-speed car has run over the pedestrians.

70. The Refugee has sought assistance from us.

71. Climate change has threatened our planet.

72. The government has reduced the price of daily use products.

73. I have installed a music system in my car.

74. This kid has interacted with his peer perfectly.

75. The student has apologized to his teacher for his bad result.

76. I have included important points in this topic.

77. The heavy clouds have developed.

78. I have mixed significant ingredients in the dish.

79. The old building has collapsed.

80. The nurse has pinched the little baby.

81. I have made plans for my upcoming birthday.

82. Mahnoor has qualified for the entrance test.

83. Our relatives have served very well.

84. I have memorized important chapters for examination.

85. The guard has prevented us from swimming.

86. We have postponed our picnic due to the expected heavy rain.

87. I have saved a little creature from fire.

88. A lady has missed his important meeting.

89. My mother has peeled the potatoes.

90. Two people have settled their dispute.

91. I have shaken the medicine very well.

92. He has realized his mistake.

93. I have represented myself as the head of the institute.

94. She has proved him wrong.

95. A cat has slept on my chair.

96. the car has overtaken the bus.

97. The robber has pushed a guy forcefully.

98. My brother is an athlete, and he has set a tremendous record.

99. The committee has disapproved of his plead

100. I have attempted100 out of 100 questions.

100 examples of present perfect tense

What are the rules of the 100 examples of  Present Perfect tense?

The rule of the Present Perfect tense is that we use 3rd form of the verb in the sentence with the auxiliary verbs “has” and “have”

Has is used with 3rd person single nouns like he, she, it, bus and have is used with 1st 2nd, and 3rd person plural like I, you, we, they or buses, plates. 

100 examples of Present Perfect tense worksheet:

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