Why dogs bark and run after moving vehicles?

Have you ever wondered why dogs bark and run after your vehicle? You have sometimes noticed that a dog barks at your vehicle and even tries to chase your car or bike when you are going somewhere. There are two reasons why dogs bark and chase your cars. Today we will discuss those reasons so let’s discuss them in detail.


1. Puppies: Yes, it is due to puppies for which a dog runs behind your vehicle. As a bitch (female dog) has given birth to the puppies, and to protect her babies, she always remains alert and does not let anybody come in front of her puppies, not even a dog. A bitch dog became aggressive at this time as protection for her babies is essential, and her babies are a priority for her, which is why she barks at you or your vehicle. If you observe such a thing, do not make her aggressive further as she will become more and more violent and even bite.

2. Frequent Accidents: It is another one of the most important reasons that a dog runs after your car. Many dog accidents are encountered, which are usually ignored by humans. But dogs witness a hit-and-run with their companions or themselves. So whenever they see a speeding car or bike, they become dreadful, and to protect themselves or their companions, and they start to bark at you by trying say to overcome the speed and maintain a distance from their fellows and themselves. So, if you observe this, it is better that you decrease the speed of your vehicle rather than add insult to their injuries. You never know from which trauma they had been gone through. They are also living creatures full of emotions; they also hurt when they lose their loved ones in accidents.  

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