What is the best time of engagement in your life?

Engagement is one of the major moments of your life. It is a moment for which either it is a girl or boy, both eagerly wait. Each one expects a perfect life partner for themselves who cares, loves, and is with you in your worst time. But everything seems good when it happens at the right time, or else there can be problems for us. Today’s article is also about What is the best time of engagement? Or when we should get engaged.

When should we get engaged, or what is the right time of engagement for a boy?

According to age, it is said that at the age of 20, a boy should change his relationship status from single to engaged, but according to the current scenario and condition, a boy must not get engaged unless he thinks he is financially stable or else he may face difficulties or taunts in his life. According to some sources, engagement or marriage in those conditions will become a severe problem for the couple. So, a boy must get engaged when he thinks he is financially stable.

What should be observed in a girl before engagement?

 There are some basic things that need to observe in a girl before getting engagement:

1. Her dreams

2. Family background

3. Love Affair history

4. Capability of managing your household expenses

What should a girl observe in a boy before engagement?

1. His character: Observe his behavior with others; how does he talk with people around there.

2. His family background: Try to get the history of his family and how do his family members behave? Or do they belong to the simplistic nature or not? Are they greedy? Are they demanding a heavy dowry or tocher from your family, and if they do so, then it is better not to get engaged with him even if you can afford such dowry but still do not get married to him. Because a relationship is based upon love or respect, not your belongings.

3. His affair history: Whether he has any love affair with anyone. It is also observed that a love affair appears after the marriage, and a girl usually suffers a lot due to this.

4. His friends’ circle: Friends’ circles also matter; a girl must get first-hand knowledge of her about to be a partner. In most cases, a boy is addicted to alcohol or cigarettes whenever he is with his friends. So, it is a must that a girl should have proper knowledge of her partner’s friends.

Which questions should a boy ask a girl before engagement?

It is also necessary that a boy should have complete satisfaction regarding his partner before engagement. There are some important questions a boy must ask her girl before engagement.

1. Does she get engaged in any pressure?

Yes, it may seem a wired question, but it is a must to ask this question from your about-to-be partner before getting engaged. In some cases, a girl gets engaged in family pressure, and due to which, there would not be a happy life in the future even if they get married, or even some boys end their relationship when they know about this reality. So, it is better to ask this question to your partner before getting engaged with her, or else it will create complications in your life.

2. What is her life dream or expectation from her partner?

This is another essential question that a boy must ask his partner before engagement. You must know about her future goals because she may expect something from you that you have not thought about your partner. If she wants to study further in a foreign country, but you will not give permission for further studies, then it will create a conflict of thoughts between both. Thus, it is a must that you both should be clear about your life goals.

3. What are her hobbies or skills?

You may also learn about her hobbies and skills from her as you will get to know more about her nature and expertise. Her skills may be helpful for you, and in this way, there can be a perfect match for both of you.  

Which important questions should a girl ask her partner before engagement?

1. What are your future Plannings?

 It is one of the most important that a girl should ask her about-to-be partner, but unfortunately, she always misses it. It may make you quite shocking at what is related to this question in your life. But in actuality, it is. Through this question, you will know what your partner will do in the future and whether it will be beneficial for you as well or not. This question will also assist you in letting you compare your future goals, so do not hesitate to ask this question to your partner before engagement.

2. Does he expect any demand from you?

This is another question a girl should ask her partner before engagement that does her partner need anything in the shape of a dowry or something else. Because it is also observed that a huge dowry is demanded from the girl, and later these kinds of demands fade the relationship. So, it is better to ask this question before your engagement. But it would be better that you choose a partner who does not expect dowry from you. In this type of relationship, there are always clashes between families due to this sort of demand, and as a result, the relationship is ended.

3. Is he getting engaged with you under any pressure?

Besides girl, this situation can also happen with a boy as he gets engaged due to family pressure; consequently, there is no strong bond between the partners. It is a must for a girl to ask this question to her partner before engagement as he may have an affair, and due to some reasons, his family did not accept his love, and he was forced to get engaged with his family’s choice.

What are the top reasons for breaking engagement?

There are several reasons for breaking engagement. Let’s discuss them.

1. Proper timing: After getting engaged, not giving proper time to your may create certain doubts in your about-to-be partner, and it causes breaking of engagement.

2. Lack of Trust: Trust plays an important role in a relationship, and many relationships are ended due to a lack of trust. So, you must trust your partner, or else it can generate misunderstandings in your relationship.

3. Lack of Respect: It also resembles a lack of trust.

4. Misunderstandings

5. Useless demands

6. revelation of some hidden truths: It can break the engagement of either a boy or girl when some hidden truths appear from either side. 

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